The $37.99 Tablet From Datawind

Datawind first raised some eyebrows when its Android tablet released in India for a government-subsidized price of $22. Now it’s available in the U.S. for $37.99 under the name UbiSlate 7Ci. This tablet obviously does not match the specs of an Apple iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tablet, but for 38 bucks, who’s going to complain?

To me, this tablet is perfect for the keiki you know will most likely destroy it, and for that price, who cares? For its meager price, you’ll get a 800×400 pixel 7-inch touch-screen with 512MB of RAM, 4GB of flash memory, 1 GHz processor and Wi-Fi capability. It’s nothing to jump up and down about, but really, it’s all you need to use basic Android apps and read your e-books.


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Datawind's $37.99 tablet

If you want to take it a step higher but still stay at really affordable prices, the “phablets” start at $79.99 for the UbiSlate 7C+ and adds on data capability with Edge, and for $99.99 it comes with a year of basic browsing. Further, the UbiSlate 3G7 costs $129.99 and features a 1.2Ghz processor, front VGA/rear 2MP cameras and GPS capability; paying $149.99 gives you a year of basic browsing. Both come with a SIM chip with an optional plan to make phone calls. Visit to find these uber-cheap tablets.

Click Chick’s Mobile App of the Week: *#Ginx

Last week I had the opportunity to chat with Gerome Sapp, a former NFL athlete who is now a tech entrepreneur and founder/CEO of the new *#Ginx app. He created this app to bring together large groups of people in a unique way, probably best described as a digital flash mob, since these tags only last anywhere from two hours to three days.

“Flash mobs bring people together for a moment in time and help create a maximum amount of awareness around a single initiative,” says Sapp. “I wanted *#Ginx to combine people’s passion for taking photos and sharing hashtags with the fundamentals of a flash mob.” The concept behind *#Ginx is to be visually social with larger communities of individuals around hashtags and conversations, and gives you the opportunity to be the star of these digital flash mobs.

It reverses the typical photo-sharing model of most apps since you don’t have to friend the individuals in these communities.

Through Twitter or Instagram, upload a photo into one of the Ginx’d tags by adding asterisk before each hashtag (for example *#America) or, of course, through the *#Ginx app directly.

So, how it works: For the next three hours you can see who can submit the best photo that represents *#America and the community votes. *#America was of the communities that was up when I was writing this story, so I added in a picture I took of an American flag from a ship and I ended up coming in first!

It was interesting to see the other pictures that populated in there.

I can see how this would be a great tool to promote a cause, or public service announcements or branding for advertisers.

Join the *#Ginx community today for free with your iOS or Android device.