2 Guns

Damon Trevor
Owner and Personal Trainer, Team Move

What is your official title/occupation? I am the owner and one of the personal trainers of Team Move.

Where and with whom did you see the movie? At Ward Consolidated Theaters with my friend Garrison Banzai.


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Damon Trevor

Overall, what did you think? I think the pairing of Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg was definitely unique – two actors I would have never thought of seeing together. Two totally different personalities put together in a movie is something that I can respect on the director’s part. I do feel that they could have done more explaining in the beginning as to what the plot of the movie was and who the characters were. I just think they moved a little too fast, which left you 20 minutes into the movie still figuring out what the plot was. But, to be fair, there were funny parts, something you wouldn’t expect from just looking at the movie poster. I also liked some of the action scenes.

Without giving away the ending, what was one of your favorite scenes? I liked when they had a dispute and went crazy on each other. It was action-packed, but they also did it in a funny way, almost like two brothers going at it.

On a scale of one to four stars, what would you rate this film? ★★ 1/2.

What did you think of the cinematography? It was pretty cool. A lot of scenes were subtle, but it was done in a way that it explained certain parts.

Was the message/theme clear? It wasn’t in the beginning; you really had to do the math in your head to figure out what was going on. But it could have just been me. I like movies that the plot is clear from the start. Who wants to think when watching a movie anyway? I have a hard enough time figuring out where I’m going to sit in the theater.

Did it remind you of any other works of film? The closest I can think of is Righteous Kill with Robert De Niro and Al Pacino. There is always more to their relationship than you think.

To whom would you recommend this movie? I think those who like the challenge of figuring out a movie and putting together the pieces could really appreciate it.

Did any of the actors stand out? I think Mark Wahlberg did a great job in the comedic role of the two actors. He made the film lighthearted.

Did you identify with any of the characters? Mark Wahlberg was very laid back, honest and he was just himself on all levels, which, in turn, made for some funny scenes.

Would you buy this movie when it comes out on DVD? I think it was good to see in the theater, but once is enough for me. Though I am a fan of other movies that both actors were in. I have to mention that Edward James Olmos also starred in this movie and did a great job in his role. He, too, has great movies in the past.

What’s your favorite movie snack? Popcorn – no butter, of course. I’m a trainer, what did you expect?

On a different note, what’s new with you? Team Move currently is focusing on expanding our Workplace Wellness program to more companies on the island. This is a great program that allows employees to be able to work out with one of our trainers right at their job site. The convenience of having a trainer come to you instead of driving to a gym and battling traffic after work is a huge benefit for any busy professional. It’s also fun to work out with a group of co-workers and friends instead of on your own. I urge more companies to consider a Workplace Wellness program if they haven’t already. Some of the benefits include reduced health care costs, increased productivity and fewer employees calling in sick. I think investing in your employees’ health and well being is definitely the best investment that you can make in your company. For more information on this program, they can visit movehi.com.