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An Unexpected Ray Of Sunshine

Dear Pamela,

There are so many disheartening stories in the news that I thought your readers might enjoy this heartwarming experience.

I left my purse on the cart at Sam’s Club, and didn’t miss it until 30 minutes later when I was already at another shop. In the afternoon traffic, it took me 45 agonizing minutes to get back to Sam’s.

I rushed to customer service and there sat my purse. Some honest, wonderful woman found it and turned it in.

This unknown woman saved me from going into a depression. You see, I had just visited my blind, bedridden sister, who is dying of cancer. I also have a legally blind husband, who is struggling to accept his blindness.

I cannot stop thanking God for this kind person’s good deed. I am hoping she will see this letter and realize how grateful I am.

Mrs. E.H. Knudsen

Dear E.H.,

Surely your anonymous angel was not aware of your other trials, but her appearance was just what you needed.

Having grown up with a blind sister, I know the extra care and sensitivity needed, especially over the holidays. My sister would advise you to contact Ho‘opono Services for the Blind, a vocational rehabilitation division of state Department of Human Services.

“We can help with adjustments to home management, safety, communications, mobility and personal care,” says office assistant Malia Davis. “And your physician can recommend any counseling services, if needed.”

Dear Pamela,

My APPLAUSE goes to Mary Nawell of Alloy Wheel Repair for helping me resolve my bent steel tire rim last month. She was so pleasant, and essentially dropped everything to help me.

She told me I needed a steel wheel replacement, as her shop only dealt in alloy rims. Then she called my dealership to check to see if it had a rim to fit my car.It did. Then she put me in touch with the person to contact. She lives aloha.

Janet Elinski
Enchanted Hills

Dear Janet,

Mary Nawell is grateful for your APPLAUSE but says it’s how Alloy Wheel Repair operates. “We could have fixed her rim, but it would have cost her more money. This was the best way for us to help her in her situation. My boss Tod Ruston would agree. She drove a long way to fix her problem, so the least we could do is direct her on the right path.”

Dear Pamela,

I went to pick up a friend at the airport. When he got to the car, he discovered he lost his carry-on.

He could not remember where he put it. All his important documents and money were in the bag.
All of a sudden, Ruben Gadiano from airport security appeared. He asked what happened. He went with my friend to trace his steps. The bag was found with everything in it.

On behalf of my friend Hyman from Toronto, we would like to thank Ruben for helping us. He is our angel. May he continue to have many blessings.

Faith Kealoha
Salt Lake

Dear Faith,

We are glad to hear the rest of Hyman’s Hawaii vacation went smoothly, thanks to Ruben. “He’s a dependable guy,” says Maj. Gary Loo of Airport Security Daywatch. “Ruben always comes to work and is ready to jump in and help wherever it’s needed. We’ve had issues with sickness and other things, but Ruben is a constant, positive influence.”

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