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Vino Sense
Roberto Viernes
Vino Sense // A Few Words On Wine-tasting Etiquette
It has been some time since I wrote about wine tasting or wine dinner etiquette, so this is a good time for a refresher. Some...

Roberto Viernes
Vino Sense // How ‘Clean’ Do You Like Your Wines?
I asked my son to clean his room the other day. After a few minutes, he came to tell me he was done. I went...

Roberto Viernes
Vino Sense // Exciting And Sobering 2013 Predictions
Happy New Year! It’s time again for my predictions in wine and food for the new year. This is going to be another exciting year...

Roberto Viernes
Vino Sense // The Naughty And Nice In The Wine World
Merry Christmas! I appointed myself Santa’s personal wine assistant. And as such I was able to take a look at the wine industry’s Naughty and...

Roberto Viernes
Vino Sense // Plying Opus One, Playing The Red Violin
Not all wine dinners are created equal. There are some good ones, some great ones – and then there are the unforgettable ones. I was...

Roberto Viernes
Vino Sense // A Fine Line Between Sweet And Dry Wine
The boundaries between dry and sweet wines are much more blurred today than I can remember. Moscato d’Asti is the rage, and sweet red wines...

Roberto Viernes
Vino Sense // Bubbling Over With Love For Champangne
The holiday season is in full swing, and if you’re like me there will be Champagne flowing at every party that you attend. Champagne is...

Roberto Viernes
Vino Sense // Some Best And Worst Wine Experiences
I’ve recently been asked about the extremes of oenophilia that I have experience through my career, so I thought I would share them here. *...

Roberto Viernes
Vino Sense // Perfect Pairings With Thanksgiving Dinner
This is Thanksgiving week! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year. Christmas is more important, but Thanksgiving does-n’t come with the same stress that...

Roberto Viernes
Vino Sense // Amazing Changes In The World Of Wine
I just finished teaching the introductory course for the Court of Master Sommeliers along with three fellow Masters, and I am amazed at how quickly...

Roberto Viernes
Vino Sense // Tales Of An Accidental Sommelier
I would like to think that everyone has a seminal moment or epiphany in their lives when they realize just what they want to do...

Roberto Viernes
Vino Sense // Frightening News In The Wine Industry
Halloween is here, and I was thinking about the bloodiest, gutsy red wines that I could recommend. But that sounded too ordinary and run-of-the-mill. Any...

Roberto Viernes
Vino Sense // The Varied Nuances Of Oak In Wine
I was sitting next to a campfire on the beach after a day of playing in the sand and water. The fire’s smoke wafted this...

Roberto Viernes
Vino Sense // Challenging Wine Pairing Scenarios
There are some questions that have no right answer. Like when a wife asks a husband, “Do you know what happened to the last cupcake...

Roberto Viernes
Vino Sense // Playing Politics In The Wine Industry
Unless you have been living under a rock for the past nine months, you probably already know that this is an election year. Politicians are...

Roberto Viernes
Vino Sense // The History Of Wine In The Islands
I have been reading about the history of wine for many years now, and its significance in many cultures, primarily European. The central role that...

Roberto Viernes
Vino Sense // When Wine Geeks Are Fashionistas
You know how some wine fanatics can get really “geeked out” looking for the newest fashion in wine? I do, and the current fashionable category...

Roberto Viernes
Vino Sense // Tasting Five Kings Of Krug Champagne
This was the only tasting that could get my friend out of bed this early on a Saturday morning after a night of drinking Sombra...

Roberto Viernes
Vino Sense // Merlot: The Chicken Of The Wine World?
Is Merlot the chicken of the wine world? I don’t mean like scared or “birdbrained.” I mean that it is a wine that is the...

Roberto Viernes
Vino Sense // Wine Lists, Presentation And Service
Is wine service getting better or worse? I continually ask myself this as I dine around our beautiful islands. Now, you might think that being...


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