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Vino Sense
Roberto Viernes
Vino Sense // Jaded By Too Much Of A Good Thing
I know this is going to sound selfish and maybe even a little bit crazy, but I feel jaded. I know, you are thinking, “You...

Roberto Viernes
Vino Sense // The Sweet Truth About Dessert Wines
When was the last time you had a dessert wine at dinner? This is not a rhetorical question. I must admit that I also skip...

Roberto Viernes
Vino Sense // A Taste Of Burgundy On The Big Screen
If you are a wine lover, you should definitely get hold of a new film by David Kennard, A Year in Burgundy. Produced by Martine...

Roberto Viernes
Vino Sense // The Importance Of Context In Wine Tasting
If the painting Water Lillies by Claude Monet was hanging on the wall of a sidewalk café, would it be treated with the same reverence...

Roberto Viernes
Vino Sense // A Few Tips For Online Wine Auctions
If you cannot find a particular wine you are looking for locally, chances are you have to go online or look for it at auction....

Roberto Viernes
Vino Sense // It All Started With 14 Grains Of Rice
“Fourteen grains of rice.” It sounds like a lovely title for a novel, or maybe the opening line of a haiku. It could have very...

Roberto Viernes
Vino Sense // Can New World Step Up To Old World?
It is a fact that the United States produces wines that rival the greats of Europe. This is quite evident with Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir,...

Roberto Viernes
Vino Sense // So What’s Wrong With Riesling?
If Burgundy and Champagne did not exist, my favorite wine would be German Riesling. Several years ago I wrote a piece extolling the virtues of...

Roberto Viernes
Vino Sense // Suspecting Subversive Palate-washing
Brainwashing is any tactic – psychological or otherwise – that can be seen as subverting an individual’s sense of control over their own thinking, behavior,...

Roberto Viernes
Vino Sense // Sparkling, Luxurious, Sexy Champagne
Ahem, just a friendly reminder to all male readers: This is Valentine’s Day week. Yes, flowers are nice, but shiny and sparkly things always take...

Roberto Viernes
Vino Sense // Delving Into The Wine Regions Of France
This is a continuation of my last column with more impressions of current vintages from some of the classical growing regions of France. As hard...

Roberto Viernes
Vino Sense // Touring Wine-growing Regions Of France
I have just returned from almost two weeks of traveling throughout most of the classical wine-growing regions of France. I have plenty to write about,...

Roberto Viernes
Vino Sense // Andre Bregeon Redefines Muscadet
Forget everything you know about Muscadet. Not that Muscadet is actually a household name, but that is what I had to tell myself after having...

Roberto Viernes
Vino Sense // A Few Words On Wine-tasting Etiquette
It has been some time since I wrote about wine tasting or wine dinner etiquette, so this is a good time for a refresher. Some...

Roberto Viernes
Vino Sense // How ‘Clean’ Do You Like Your Wines?
I asked my son to clean his room the other day. After a few minutes, he came to tell me he was done. I went...

Roberto Viernes
Vino Sense // Exciting And Sobering 2013 Predictions
Happy New Year! It’s time again for my predictions in wine and food for the new year. This is going to be another exciting year...

Roberto Viernes
Vino Sense // The Naughty And Nice In The Wine World
Merry Christmas! I appointed myself Santa’s personal wine assistant. And as such I was able to take a look at the wine industry’s Naughty and...

Roberto Viernes
Vino Sense // Plying Opus One, Playing The Red Violin
Not all wine dinners are created equal. There are some good ones, some great ones – and then there are the unforgettable ones. I was...

Roberto Viernes
Vino Sense // A Fine Line Between Sweet And Dry Wine
The boundaries between dry and sweet wines are much more blurred today than I can remember. Moscato d’Asti is the rage, and sweet red wines...

Roberto Viernes
Vino Sense // Bubbling Over With Love For Champangne
The holiday season is in full swing, and if you’re like me there will be Champagne flowing at every party that you attend. Champagne is...


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