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The Right Price
Larry Price
The Right Price // Celebrating The Airport’s 50th
I thought there was a disappointing lack of recognition and fanfare for the 50th anniversary of our modern Honolulu International Airport. (The first Honolulu airport...

Larry Price
The Right Price // Our Low Voter Turnout – Again
The primary election is over. Problem is, it left us with more unanswered questions, and there’s a general election to get ready for. There were...

Larry Price
The Right Price // Can The Insane Ever Be Cured?
The man who stabbed two people on the Koko Head Stairs trail and was acquitted of attempted murder by reason of insanity will be allowed...

Larry Price
The Right Price // The Power Of A Single Vote
It’s time once again to vote for our elected leaders. The emotion that voting should bring out in citizens is patriotism. When you see the...

Larry Price
The Right Price // What’s New On The Union Front
There are a lot of things happening on the union front that could have a big effect on the upcoming national and local elections. There...

Larry Price
The Right Price // Legislature Not Tackling Bullying
I was under the impression that the Legislature was going to do something about curbing bullying. If it did, I didn’t notice, and there’s strong...

Larry Price
The Right Price // DOT’s Past Construction Success
There is a lot of conversation going on about Honolulu’s rail transit system. As mentioned, it’s the biggest public works project ever for Hawaii and...

Larry Price
The Right Price // False Alarm Sirens Must Be Fixed
I imagine every state has a sound that strikes fear into its residents’ hearts. No words have to be spoken, just the sound alone alerts...

Larry Price
The Right Price // Railing About HART PR Expenses
Some members of the Honolulu City Council Budget Committee are questioning the number of public relations people associated with the multibillion-dollar rail project. Budget chairwoman...

Larry Price
The Right Price // Rosco The Magic Pothole Fixer
It seems potholes have plagued isle roads from the beginning of time. So it was no big surprise that there is a nonprofit group TRIP...

Larry Price
The Right Price // Low Morale Of Our Public Teachers
It’s not easy to be a teacher. There are plenty of hurdles to leap over, credentials to be earned and a long life of continuing...

Larry Price
The Right Price // Strikes, Boycotts On The Horizon?
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s win in a recall election last Tuesday may have awakened a unionized monster that’s been asleep for decades. Unions evoke controversy....

Larry Price
The Right Price // Negotiations And Technology
Do you get the feeling that something unethical is going on behind the taxpayers’ backs? Last week I thought there was a good possibility that...

Larry Price
The Right Price // More Fuel For The Rail Project
Our Founding Fathers created a constitution that made despotic and tyrannical rule impossible. From the looks of it, that was the easy part. What it...

Larry Price
The Right Price // Public Teachers Racing To Where?
Hawaii’s public schoolteachers, who are part of the Hawaii State Teachers Association (HSTA), voted, electronically and by phone, all last week on a contract they...

Larry Price
The Right Price // Labor Unions And Democracy
One of the big questions about local labor unions is, are they democratically run? Well, let the record show that the answer to that question...

Larry Price
The Right Price // If You Build It, Then Maintain It
One of the most constant things going on these days is road repair. You could rationalize the activity as “pre-election” propaganda, but that would be...

Larry Price
The Right Price // Clearing The Air About Cremation
State legislators offered some strong and convincing evidence that they care for all people and things in spreading their Aloha. The bill is HB2656, HD2,...

Larry Price
The Right Price // Audiences Don’t Help Negotiations
When you are a member of an important negotiation team and you wake up to a front page story that states, “Upgraded teacher evaluation policies...

Larry Price
The Right Price // Clouding Up The Sunshine Law
The legislative process is gearing up for a big finish as hundreds of bills made it by the crossover deadline between the two chambers. The...


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