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The Right Price
Larry Price
The Right Price // A Very Different Special Session
There usually is a lot of excitement on all four floors of the Capitol. But when the Hawaii State Legislature shuts down, the Capitol becomes...

Larry Price
The Right Price // Sand Snatching And Rehabilitation
If there is one virtue needed by anyone who lives on Oahu, it has to be patience. It seems like everywhere you’re going is under...

Larry Price
The Right Price // Making Sense Of The Shutdown
Think of yourself, for just a minute, as a consumer of political action. Because if you do, what’s going on in Washington might make some...

Larry Price
The Right Price // Good Time To Evaluate Candidates
Last week’s government shutdown of the U.S economy has just about everyone worried about what the future holds. I think it’s too early to worry...

Larry Price
The Right Price // When Politics And Water Don’t Mix
It was encouraging to hear that members of Honolulu City Council came to their senses last week and gave up on their desire to take...

Larry Price
The Right Price // Strange, Sweet Killer
I don’t know anything about spills – oil, sewage or any type of hazardous materials. I also will readily admit I didn’t know we were...

Larry Price
The Right Price // Shortchanging Pensioners
There was a time when the word “unique” almost always was connected to conversations about Hawaii. People would say, “Hawaii’s a very unique place.” Well,...

Larry Price
The Right Price // Air Conditioning: Educational Issue?
Mark the date on your calendar: Sept 26, 2013, a group of students and teachers are going to rally at the state Capitol. That by...

Larry Price
The Right Price // Lessons From The Deedy Trial
We certainly learned a lot about our judicial system over the past weeks, thanks to the Christopher Deedy trial that ended in a hung jury....

Larry Price
The Right Price // Homeless Need Some Discipline
One of the poorest reasons for having “hygiene centers” constructed as a way of combating our “out of control” homeless problem is to say they...

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