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Ron Mizutani
Currents // Crossing The Equator For King Neptune
Kahaluu’s Mark Towill is sporting a new hairdo these days, and he couldn’t be more proud. His “inverted mohawk” may not be the most desirable...

Bob Hogue
Keeping Score // To Bring Back Old UH Coaches?
I had planned to write this week about the 20th an niversary of the Hawaii-North Carolina basketball game at Special Events Arena (now Stan Sheriff...

Bob Hogue
Keeping Score // Coach Wagner’s Excellent Retirement
Former University of Hawaii head football coach Bob Wagner is a Facebook friend of mine. Recently, I’ve been enjoying his posts and pictures as he’s...

Steve Murray
Homegrown // The Red Raider Experience
I wouldn’t call it a quest needing to be filled before some fateful date, but until Oct. 17 I had never been to a Kahuku...

Ron Mizutani
Currents // Staying Out Of Murky Storm Waters
On Dec. 29, 2010, I shared in this column my decision to enter the ocean at Kailua Beach following a winter storm that soaked Oahu...

Yu Shing Ting
On the Move // Arming Yourself With Simple Exercises
At my middle school, there was a teacher whom the kids would tease because of her flabby arms. I remember so clearly the wrinkly skin...

Bob Hogue
Keeping Score // The Night The ’Bows Finally Beat BYU
It seems hard to believe, as I sit and watch the great upsets and fantastic finishes of this year’s college football season, that it’s been...

MidWeek Staff
Sports Animals // Prep Game Of The Week – 10/22/14
FOOTBALL The Playoffs Are On! When you look at the NBA, NFL or even the Heisman Trophy race, there’s always someone in the mix who...

Ron Mizutani
Currents // Kauai’s Gift To Waikiki Echoes Elvis
It is one of the most romantic and classic Hollywood scenes filmed in Hawaii: Elvis Presley serenading Joan Blackman with Hawaiian Wedding Song as they...

MidWeek Staff
Sports Animals // Prep Game Of The Week – 10/15/14
FOOTBALL DAMIEN vs. PAC-FIVE OCT. 18, 2014 @ 4:45 P.M. @ ALOHA STADIUM CHRIS: It’s high school football, so anything can happen now that we...

Yu Shing Ting
On the Move // Easy Exercises To Do In The Office
For the past 12 years, Kathy Foley, internal communications specialist at Outrigger Enterprises Group, has been helping her co-workers be fit and healthy. Every Tuesday...

Ron Mizutani
Currents // Keep Sandy Beach ‘Sandy Beach’
Every year there are dozens of bills and resolutions introduced by Hawaii lawmakers that stir emotion and ignite conversation. Some of them strike at the...

Bob Hogue
On the Move // A Silverswords Star To Watch
Nothing thrills an old basketball player like the opportunity to toss in a few buckets with a much younger (and much better) hoops star. That...

Steve Murray
Homegrown // Ain’t No Hall Without Samoan Sack Man
As the names ran singular across the screen at last week’s Polynesian Football Hall of Fame induction announcement, one couldn’t help but anticipate which name...

Bob Hogue
Keeping Score // Garcia: Kingfish Of The Kingfish
As you watch and enjoy the Major League Baseball postseason this month, imagine some of the young guys who are trying desperately to have a...

Steve Murray
Homegrown // App Bringing Students To The Game
Mid-Pacific Institute may be one of the best-funded schools in the state, but when it comes to student participation in sporting events, the Owls struggle...

MidWeek Staff
Sports Animals // Prep Game Of The Week – 10/8/14
FOOTBALL PUNAHOU vs. KAMEHAMEHA OCT. 10, 2014, 8:15 P.M. @ ALOHA STADIUM Umm, Gary? You don’t think Punahou can shut down Kamehameha? Which Punahou team...

Ron Mizutani
Currents // Can You See Hawaii Island?
The recent string of hot and humid days has made life miserable for most of us. But in the midst of all the mugginess has...

Bob Hogue
Keeping Score // Getting Serious About Concussions
I have written previously about the good work that Hawaii’s athletic trainers are doing to help coaches and athletes learn about the effect of concussions....

Yu Shing Ting
On the Move // Preparing For An MMA Pro Debut
When Bryanna Fissori moved to Hawaii in 2009, she started taking classes at South Shore MMA for cardio exercise. But now, the 29-year-old is training...


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