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On the Move
Yu Shing Ting
On the Move // The Latest In Skin Care At Nordstrom
More than 450 people gathered early morning Nov. 16 at Nordstrom Ala Moana for its popular semi-annual Beauty Trend Show, highlighting the latest and greatest...

Yu Shing Ting
On the Move // Countdown To A Pedestrian Ticket
Pop quiz: You want to cross the street, and see this signal. Do you: A) Enter the crosswalk and take your time getting to the...

Yu Shing Ting
On the Move // Over The Edge For A Great Cause
I’m a pretty adventurous person – I’ve gone para-sailing, jetpacking, flew in a wind tunnel, went drifting at a race track and even operated the...

Yu Shing Ting
On the Move // Jiujitsu Gets Hold Of Five-O Star
When Hawaii Five-O star Alex O’Loughlin moved to Hawaii, he met MMA champion Egan Inoue and quickly discovered a passion for jiujitsu. “BJJ (Brazil jiujitsu)...

Yu Shing Ting
On the Move // The Many Benefits Of Aikido
Hawaii Ki Federation celebrates 60 years of aikido in Hawaii with a special public seminar Friday, Nov. 15, from 6:30 to 8 p.m. at Jodo...

Yu Shing Ting
On the Move // Jumping, Leaping With Precision
Ever dreamed of becoming an American Ninja Warrior or your favorite superhero who can effortlessly climb up and down buildings, leap over picnic tables and...

Yu Shing Ting
On the Move // Yoga By The Pool For Mental Health
Power Yoga Hawaii and The Modern Honolulu host a daylong yoga festival, Poses emPOWER, Oct. 26 at the hotel’s Sunset Pool. The event runs from...

Yu Shing Ting
On the Move // A Fitness Fundraiser For The Cure
In recognition of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, MMA champion Egan Inoue has been offering Bootcamp for Boobies as part of Egan’s Fit Body Bootcamp....

Yu Shing Ting
On the Move // Sending Kids Off To Surf Camp
Alika Winter, founder of Soljah Clothing Co. and event promoter of the raging Soljah parties of the ’90s, always has loved the ocean. Now 42,...

Yu Shing Ting
On the Move // Insights From A Global Cruise
On Mother’s Day 2012, Alice Woods boarded her 38-foot sailboat True Blue III and left Oahu for a 14-and-a-half-month sail around the world. The journey...

Yu Shing Ting
On the Move // A Best Friend’s Precious Gift
When Rusti Gephart gave birth to her first baby Sydni on Thanksgiving Day 2003, she was excited about being a new mom. But it didn’t...

Yu Shing Ting
On the Move // Tips For Maintaining Good Posture
Even thought I’m an adult, my mother still points out all the things I do wrong, including my posture. It’s almost like a greeting. Instead...

Yu Shing Ting
On the Move // Custom Sport-specific Glasses
Oakley at Ala Moana Center has relocated a few stores ewa makai of the mall, and now has an in-store optical center enabling customers to...

Yu Shing Ting
On the Move // Bucket List Boxing Champ
Honolulu dentist Alan Nomura always has been physically active, but it wasn’t until this year, at age 56, that he became a boxing champion. On...

Yu Shing Ting
On the Move // The Most Colorful Run In Hawaii
The popular Run or Dye 5K is coming to Hawaii Sept. 2 from 9 to 1 p.m. at Aloha Stadium, and event organizers have partnered...

Yu Shing Ting
On the Move // Spartan Race Debuts At Kualoa
The popular Spartan Race is coming to Hawaii Aug. 17 at Kualoa Ranch. “It is our first time in Hawaii and it was a race...

Yu Shing Ting
On the Move // A Workout For Folks On The Go
I used to be one of those gym rats who loved to work out. So, what happened? Well, I still love to exercise, but I...

Yu Shing Ting
On the Move // Aloha For Tsunami Kids Of Japan
A reported 240 children lost both parents, and more than 1,300 lost one parent in the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan, according to...

Yu Shing Ting
On the Move // MMA Fighter Talks About ‘Andropause’
Professional mixed martial artist, wrestler and color commentator Frank Trigg will be in Hawaii to speak about testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) at a free clinic...

Yu Shing Ting
On the Move // Seeking Miss Earth Hawaii
Island beauty Aureana Tseu is a queen of many talents. She’s an entrepreneur, hula dancer, choreographer, show director/producer, costume stylist, TV host, model and much...


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