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Keeping Score
Bob Hogue
Keeping Score // College Basketball Scores With Dottie Nahale
This sports story is about someone who doesn’t play sports at all and never has. But it’s a great example of the commitment that the...

Bob Hogue
Keeping Score // The No. 4 In Hawaii Basketball History
If you’re a numbers guy like I am, it’s amazing how much fun you can have looking through old media guides. I’ll admit I had...

Bob Hogue
Keeping Score // Baldemor Takes Over At HPU
Vince Baldemor understands the history and looks forward to the future at Hawaii Pacific University. Over the past 25 years, HPU has had just four...

Bob Hogue
Keeping Score // Taylor Loving Life As An Assistant
Sometimes it’s more fun the second time around. Just ask Punahou’s Mike Taylor, who “retired” from active high school coaching after the 2011 girls basketball...

Bob Hogue
Keeping Score // A Dream Ending To Nightmare Career
They say a picture is worth a thousand words. The photo here is probably worth about 10,000. It’s a saga of loyalty and perseverance and...

Bob Hogue
Keeping Score // A Dream Come True At Chaminade
Just a few days ago, I got word from the NCAA that Chaminade University was honored with the Division II Award of Excellence. This is...

Bob Hogue
Keeping Score // The Nice People Awards 2013
I love this time of year. So much happiness and good spirit. It’s time for me once again to present my annual gift of thanks...

Bob Hogue
Keeping Score // A Great Hawaii Bowl Match-up
You couldn’t blame Sheraton Hawaii Bowl executive director Dave Matlin for being almost giddy in the days following the announcement that Boise State would match...

Bob Hogue
Keeping Score // Prep Hoops Need A Shot Clock
As the local high school basketball season gets under way, conversation among prep hoop fans invariably will get around to whether or not a shot...

Bob Hogue
Keeping Score // Ex-NFLers Win State Prep Titles
I don’t know if they keep these kinds of records, but to the best of my knowledge the state of Hawaii made history the weekend...

Bob Hogue
Keeping Score // Current Playoff System Works Fine
When he prepped at Iolani School, Chris Chun overcame more than his share of painful issues that ultimately shortened his athletic career. A dislocated knee...

Bob Hogue
Keeping Score // Football’s State Playoff Pioneer
With the state high school football championships coming to an exciting conclusion this Saturday, I got in touch with the man most instrumental in making...

Bob Hogue
Keeping Score // HPU’s Fast New ‘Irish Hawaiian’
Her name sounds every bit as Irish as she is. Say it out loud with an Irish brogue: Fiona McKenna. Now, imagine the green hills...

Bob Hogue
Keeping Score // A National Voice For DII Athletes
When people think of student-athletes, they might not emphasize the “student” part of the title. You see a volleyball player or football player or basketball...

Bob Hogue
Keeping Score // Big Changes Looming For NCAA
I’m sitting in a week’s worth of meetings in Indianapolis as part of my role with the NCAA Division II Management Council and the DII...

Bob Hogue
Keeping Score // Don’t Even Mention vonAppen
I keep hearing Hawaii fans comparing this winless 2013 Rainbow Warrior football season to the infamous 0-12 season of 1998. Forgive me if I play...

Bob Hogue
Keeping Score // Flyin’ Hawaiians, Etc., In The Mail
I love it when I get emails, and I’ve received several lately about some of my recent MidWeek columns. I got a bunch after I...

Bob Hogue
Keeping Score // Mariota’s Excellent Home Weekend
How do you spend a few days off during a bye week if you’re one of the nation’s biggest college football superstars? Well, if you’re...

Bob Hogue
Keeping Score // Ah Hoy Carries On Navalta Tradition
When you walk into Cannon Activities Center on the campus of BYU-Hawaii, you don’t have to guess about its great tradition in women’s volleyball. All...

Bob Hogue
Keeping Score // Victorino, Mariota: Flyin’ Hawaiians
Is it an overused cliché? Or a fun nickname? The Flyin’ Hawaiian (yes, it does rhyme, kind of) has been utilized by sportswriters and publicity...


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