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The Right Price
Larry Price
The Right Price // Questioning A Teaching Report
On the surface, it seems to me that everyone wants to hand out grades to those who teach teachers how to teach. This includes certain...

Larry Price
The Right Price // A Few Insights Into The ‘Secrecy Cult’
There is a group of people in the federal, military and government who must be laughing about National Security Agency (NSA) whistleblower Edward Snowden’s statement...

Larry Price
The Right Price // Lack Of Info Is Berry Scary
State health officials gave us a good scare last week when they announced they had uncovered four cases of Hepatitis A in Hawaii, two on...

Larry Price
The Right Price // Sexual Harassment In The Military
Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel informed President Barack Obama of the latest sexual assault allegations against a soldier who was assigned to prevent such crimes....

Larry Price
The Right Price // What Was The Pay Commission Thinking?
In corporations, anyone who owns shares or is invested in the company can ask questions of their CEOs and corporate officers. Most of the annual...

Larry Price
The Right Price // The Future Is What Matters For UH
Some people may be getting tired of all the changes going on at the University of Hawaii at Moana. You shouldn’t be, but if you...

Larry Price
The Right Price // Mixed Feelings On ACT Testing
One of the most frightening things about going to school is test-taking. And for good reason, as a bad test score will follow the student...

Larry Price
The Right Price // Senior-friendly Idea For The Mayor
Just about all the buses and trains I have ever ridden elsewhere had something you don’t find in public transportation in Hawaii: restrooms. It would...

Larry Price
The Right Price // Flip-flopping In Full
There was a time in our political history when we looked down on government leaders who changed their minds on important issues – and they...

Larry Price
The Right Price // The State Of The City Rhetoric
We are fortunate to have a mayor who likes to talk about what he’s going to do for us taxpayers. Kirk Caldwell’s State of the...

Larry Price
The Right Price // What’s Next For The State, Teachers
After all of the sign-waving and horn-honking, it looks like Hawaii State Teachers Association (HSTA) has a new contract with the state. It took two...

Larry Price
The Right Price // Kudos To Japan For Debris Assist
Japan is providing $5 million to the United States to help with collection and disposal of marine debris from the 2011 tsunami disaster. How’s that...

Larry Price
The Right Price // Bringing Out Anti-gambling Gurus
As our legislators promised, they introduced a total of 18 gambling bills covering the entire spectrum of the gaming industry. As expected, none of them...

Larry Price
The Right Price // Less Penalty For Pakalolo
You have to admire the work our legislators handle this time of the year. They have so many things to do before and during the...

Larry Price
The Right Price // UH Accountability So Far? None
There’s a lot of talk around town about accountability these days. An accountability study is under way at the University of Hawaii. Surprisingly, it’s being...

Larry Price
The Right Price // UH And The Legislature
After the Stevie Wonder “blunder,” there was a consensus among those who keep an eye on the University of Hawaii system that when the legislative...

Larry Price
The Right Price // Learning How To Count Noses
This has been a very boring but educational legislative session. I was surprised that the same-sex marriage bill went down in flames. There wasn’t enough...

Larry Price
The Right Price // So What Do You Want To Bet?
Lawmakers promised – and delivered – legislation that would prompt heated discussion on legalized gambling in the state of Hawaii. Bills before the Legislature cover...

Larry Price
The Right Price // Tightening State’s Seat Belt Law
There’s a bill making its way through the state Legislature that would require everyone in a car – no matter how old or where they’re...

Larry Price
The Right Price // Abercrombie And Absolutism
Gov. Neil Abercrombie’s 2013 State of the State address was pretty entertaining, mostly because I don’t think a lot of people listening understood what he...


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