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Coffee Break
Jerry Coffee
Coffee Break // The Last Anti- Obama Tirade
In this column, I’m turning over a new leaf. I’m finished with my anti-Obama crusade. Mmmhmm, you might think; why would Coffee have an anti-Obama...

Jerry Coffee
Coffee Break // Seeking Photos Of Vietnam Dead
Last week I was in our nation’s Capitol, and as is my usual routine, I spent some time at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall. After...

Jerry Coffee
Coffee Break // Touched By Trade Center Memorial
One of the lasting realizations from our recent trip to Manhattan: The place is perpetually under repair or construction. It seems that at least half...

Jerry Coffee
Coffee Break // Epidemic Of Incompetence Hurts U.S.
As bad as the Ebola epidemic may seem, it has occurred to me that there is a far more dangerous epidemic that appears to be...

Jerry Coffee
Coffee Break // Korea Vet Wins Military Literature Prize
“The Military Writers Society of America has awarded its gold medal for historical fiction to Hawaii author Richard McMahon for his novel, The Dark Side...

Jerry Coffee
Coffee Break // Surviving A Stroke With Quick Care
As I compose this column, I realize it was in the evening exactly two weeks ago that wife Susan and I were watching TV here...

Jerry Coffee
Coffee Break // Bottom Line: Life Is Not Always Fair
My last column, in which I laid out my own concep tion of the likely Ferguson grand jury findings on the police shooting of Michael...

Jerry Coffee
Coffee Break // Ferguson Lesson: Do What The Cop Says
I’ll never forget the sense of betrayal I felt when, in 1992, America watched the beating of Rodney King, a black man, by four Los...

Jerry Coffee
Coffee Break // No Moral Equivalency With Hamas
As I pen this column, my fingers are crossed for the continuation of a cease-fire between Israel and the Gaza forces of Hamas — this...

Jerry Coffee
Coffee Break // Gaza: Hamas Wants To Destroy Israel
A recent Wall Street Journal contained a very poignant article reminding us of the true nature of the enemy we face in international terrorist organizations...

Jerry Coffee
Coffee Break // No Surprises For Readers Around Here
They say time flies when you’re having a good time. I was recently called upon to come up with the date I started writing this...

Jerry Coffee
Coffee Break // Native Hawaiians Are Not A Tribe
In the course of my eight-year tenure as a MidWeek columnist, I have spared no ink to explain to readers why I believe the passage...

Jerry Coffee
Coffee Break // Bergdahl-Taliban Deal Endangers U.S. Troops
At the beginning of his first term, President Obama announced, “In the first year of my presidency, I will close down the prison at Guantanamo...

Jerry Coffee
Coffee Break // A Big Milestone In This Life
Like most of you, my life has been full of milestones: graduations (four), marriages (two), professional highlights/low lights (more of the former than latter), children’s...

Jerry Coffee
Coffee Break // Most Memorable Memorial Day
In May of 1865, former slaves in Charleston, S.C., reburied from their mass grave 257 dead Union prisoners of war in the cemetery bordering the...

Jerry Coffee
Coffee Break // Why We Don’t Vote
In 2004, I ran as a Republican for the office of state representative for District 33, essentially Aiea, Halawa and part of Waimalu. Running for...

Jerry Coffee
Coffee Break // U.S. Military Spending Falling Behind
Although a quick glance at a bar graph of military expenditures by the U.S., Russia and China – the three largest militaries in the world...

Jerry Coffee
Coffee Break // Remembering A Heroic POW
Some of you more “seasoned” readers may re call the infamous “Hanoi March” in June 1966, in which we American POWs, cuffed together in pairs,...

Jerry Coffee
Coffee Break // Southeast Asia And Flight 370
I realize that by the time this column is published the mysterious disappearance of Malaysian Flight 370 and its passengers and crew March 8 may...

Jerry Coffee
Coffee Break // The Swamp Ghost’s New Home
Pacific Aviation Museum at Pearl Harbor is a wonderful success story that just keeps going – and growing. Occupying two Ford Island World War II...


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