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Hawaii politics, political news and opinions.

Dan Boylan
Mostly Politics // Turning Stew And Rice Into Votes
Gary Moniz comes to my house in years ending in a 2 or a 7. Around the Boylans’ dining room table, he joins fellow members...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // The Problem With Being Pro-homeless
There seems to be a cluster of compassionate folks opposed to any “criminalization” of the homeless — that is, they cringe at confiscating their sidewalk...

Jerry Coffee
Coffee Break // Surviving A Stroke With Quick Care
As I compose this column, I realize it was in the evening exactly two weeks ago that wife Susan and I were watching TV here...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // Let’s Face It: Natatorium Arch Is Ugly
I just don’t understand the reasoning by those who say we cannot demolish Waikiki Natatorium because it was erected as a memorial to World War...

Dan Boylan
Mostly Politics // A Question To Dodge
Some questions always should be finessed, particularly by those of us who would deign to call ourselves political analysts — or allow others to label...

Dan Boylan
Mostly Politics // The Calm Before The … Election
Check your favorite neighborhood political sign-bedecked fence. Lookin’ pretty empty, isn’t it? All those Abercrombie signs, all those Hanabusa banners, all those full-color Kim, Manahan,...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // East vs. West: Spare The Citizenry
I think I can say without contradiction that the heavily secular Western nations are engaged in a couple of wars with many Muslims, both foreign...

Jerry Coffee
Coffee Break // Bottom Line: Life Is Not Always Fair
My last column, in which I laid out my own concep tion of the likely Ferguson grand jury findings on the police shooting of Michael...

MidWeek Staff
Mostly Politics // Are We Headed Into Another Quagmire?
An American journalist on his knees, a hooded and masked ISIS butcher standing over him, knife in hand. The American, in this instance, 31-year-old Steven...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // The Moped Mode Of Transportation
It would seem logical for more people in Hawaii to ride a moped. Maybe more so than a bike because of better speed, uphill power...

Dan Boylan
Mostly Politics // Candidate Forums The Wrong Form
Republican Duke Aiona, Libertarian Jeff Davis, Independent Mufi Hannemann and Democrat David Ige all want to succeed Neil Abercrombie as governor of Hawaii. So, two...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // A Grand Salute To Ray Nosaka
Pfc. Raymond Nosaka was inurned at Punchbowl National Cemetery last week. There was a small obit when he died at age 98 at Maunalani Nursing...

Dan Boylan
Mostly Politics // The Election, Teachers And Our Keiki
A couple of weeks ago, I found myself in conversation with a young waitress — a recent graduate of University of Hawaii. I asked her...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // The Second Attack On Pearl Harbor
“So what’s this display with bomb fragments?” I asked Pacific Aviation Museum curator Burl Burlingame during a tour of the Ford Island institution. “That’s the...

Jerry Coffee
Coffee Break // Ferguson Lesson: Do What The Cop Says
I’ll never forget the sense of betrayal I felt when, in 1992, America watched the beating of Rodney King, a black man, by four Los...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // Dems Will Prevail In General Election
The question of this month, next month and October is: Can Duke Aiona (R) or Mufi Hannemann (I) defeat David Ige (D) in the November...

Dan Boylan
Mostly Politics // Neil’s Bullying, Blustering Led To Loss
Four years ago, Neil Abercrombie resigned a safe seat in the United States Congress to run for governor. He easily defeated his Democratic primary opponent...

Jerry Coffee
Coffee Break // No Moral Equivalency With Hamas
As I pen this column, my fingers are crossed for the continuation of a cease-fire between Israel and the Gaza forces of Hamas — this...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // Not A Great Start For Lassner
I’m not qualified to judge whether Tom Apple was or was not an effective chancellor at University of Hawaii at Manoa. I am qualified as...

Dan Boylan
Mostly Politics // Waiting For Results Of Political Storm
I flew over to Hilo the Sunday before last. That morning Honolulu Star-Advertiser had published Hawaii Poll’s numbers on the Democratic gubernatorial primary. Rebecca Ward’s...


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