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Mostly Politics
Dan Boylan
Mostly Politics // Lt. Col. Takai Targets Washington
Mark Takai hails from Democrat country west of Red Hill – so Democrat that since his election to the state House of Representatives in 1994...

Dan Boylan
Mostly Politics // Fun Yet Biting Social Commentary
Following this year’s Gridiron show, sales-women in dress departments across Oahu faced lines of overweight, post-menopausal women. Each had the same request. “Could I see...

Dan Boylan
Mostly Politics // There Are Just Too Many Of Us
Too many of my friends these days flinch at the sight of me. They look away, strike up a conversation with someone else, move to...

Dan Boylan
Mostly Politics // A Sad Look At The New Normal
One of my 11 regular readers – call him Les, because … well, because his name is Les – complains mightily whenever I write about...

Dan Boylan
Mostly Politics // Espero Seeks Hanabusa’s Seat
State Sen. Will Espero has his enthusiasms. Currently leading the list is the announcement of October as Hawaii Fashion Month. “Hawaii has designers, manufacturers, and...

Dan Boylan
Mostly Politics // Expert: We Have Room To Develop
I had breakfast last week with Ralph Portmore, professional planner, two-time president of the Hawaii chapter of American Planning Association, “of counsel” (as they say...

Dan Boylan
Mostly Politics // Deedy, Zimmerman: About The Gun
It’s all about the gun. Really, it’s always been all about the gun. And the evidence piles up across the country, from Sanford, Fla., to...

Dan Boylan
Mostly Politics // Ige: We Can Do Better Than Neil
David Ige wants to be Hawaii’s next governor. He wants to defeat the spectacularly well-known and extraordinarily well-financed incumbent Neil Abercrombie in next August’s Democratic...

MidWeek Staff
Mostly Politics // A Nomination For UH President
Prepare yourself, dear readers, I am about to nominate my candidate to succeed M.R.C. Greenwood as president of the University of Hawaii. But first, a...

Dan Boylan
Mostly Politics // Repeating Development History
I began driving down Fort Weaver Road to my in-laws’ house in 1969. Green fields of sugarcane lined the two-lane road on both sides. I...

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