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Jade Moon
Moonlighting // Practicing The Art Of Aging Gracefully
Is it my imagination or are the years getting shorter? I used to be OK about letting go of the old year and welcoming in...

Jade Moon
Moonlighting // Trees, Winter Solstice And Christmas
A lot of people I know have artificial Christmas trees this year. I used to scoff at the idea of it – so fake, so...

Jade Moon
Moonlighting // The Christian View Of Christmas
War on Christmas? Bah, humbug! There is no war on Christmas, at least not here in the United States. After years of unrelenting and annoying...

Jade Moon
Moonlighting // Warm And Fuzzy In West Virginia
You easily can spot the Hawaii people on the Mainland – we’re the ones taking pictures of squirrels. Because, you know, squirrels are so cute....

Jade Moon
Moonlighting // Hooray, Christmas Season’s Here!
What just happened? How are we in December already? Christmas is in three weeks? Oh, no, I’m not ready! All right, now that I’ve got...

Jade Moon
Moonlighting // Let The Poor Eat Rats And Birds, He Said
I’m in a grumpy mood. I’m about to go visit my son in West Virginia. That’s good. But I have a cold. That’s bad. Nothing...

Jade Moon
Moonlighting // A Roller Coaster Of A News Week
What an emotional roller coaster the past week has been. I found myself crying tears of joy when Gov. Abercrombie picked up a koa pen,...

Jade Moon
Moonlighting // Lessons To Learn From Controversy
I will put the issue of marriage equality to rest with a few thoughts. The special session was grueling. For all who insisted that the...

Jade Moon
Moonlighting // Compelling Testimony On Bill 1
How big is the issue of marriage equality? When the bill came to the Senate floor last week, Hawaii lawmakers knew they were being watched...

Jade Moon
Moonlighting // A Family Filled With Love And Hope
“It doesn’t matter what gender, if it’s a male and a male, or female and female, or male and female. It’s all about the love....

Jade Moon
Moonlighting // A Teen’s Life-changing Encounter
When Lia Emily Ho was just a kid (two whole years ago!), she had an epiphany. Not an “I-love-Justin-Bieberhe’s-so-hot” fake epiphany. A real one. One...

Jade Moon
Moonlighting // Sorting Out Obamacare Details
So the Affordable Care Act is on. Now a lot of folks are asking the question: Just how affordable is it? Reports are coming in...

Jade Moon
Moonlighting // The Shutdown Damages Our Trust
Whether for one day or two or five or 365, any shutdown of the federal government is damaging. It’s damaging to our economy, to our...

Jade Moon
Moonlighting // Welcoming Reader Feedback
I love feedback, and you are giving me plenty. I like the positive and the negative. I like when you agree with me, and I...

Jade Moon
Moonlighting // Don’t Give Up On Gun Control
The news has not been happy lately. What with the molasses spill at home and the Syria atrocities and subsequent threat of U.S. military action,...

Jade Moon
Moonlighting // Obama Supporter Not Buying War
Just because you love someone doesn’t mean you always agree with him or support him when you think he’s wrong. That’s exactly how I felt...

Jade Moon
Moonlighting // Flying Off About Traveling Stress
I was rude, and I regret it. It had been building for a while. We were on a trip that involved many stops. Naturally, a...

Jade Moon
Moonlighting // Drawing A Line With Social Media
Scene: A woman and her companion take their seats in a restaurant known for its popularity among trendsetters and social media bloggers. At last, she...

Jade Moon
Moonlighting // Sex Abuse Primer For Kids, Parents
Longtime Sacred Hearts Academy teacher and coach William Plourde, 53, was arrested and charged with six counts of third-degree sexual assault and one count of...

Jade Moon
Moonlighting // A Dark And Stormy Night In Palolo
The alarm came in at about 7:30 in the evening, during the last few bites of my pan-seared salmon. Hikers in distress, at the foot...


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