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Misfit Spirit
Jay Sakashita
Misfit Spirit // Conflicting Views On The Birth Of Jesus
Jesus is not the reason for the season. If anything, it’s just the opposite. The same holds true with the other religious holidays celebrated in...

Jay Sakashita
Misfit Spirit // Buddhism, Suffering And How You ‘See’
I find it odd how some people utilize the clothes they wear and the accessories they show off to promote their faith. They want others...

Jay Sakashita
Misfit Spirit // The Personal Effects Of Prayer
If curses worked, there would be a lot fewer drivers on the road. If prayers were effective, my students would pass my classes. If prayers...

Jay Sakashita
Misfit Spirit // The Uncertainty Of Buddhist Souls
Buddhist souls are a confused lot. They are not certain where to go or if they should even exist. There are the three characteristics of...

Jay Sakashita
Misfit Spirit // How Different Faiths Deal With Tragedy
The atomic bombs dropped on Japan in Au gust 1945 killed more than 200,000 people in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Most were Japanese (foreigners also were...

Jay Sakashita
Misfit Spirit // Traditional Marriage — Which Kind?
It’s odd that there are still some people who seek to challenge same-sex marriage under the pretense of preserving traditional marriage. I oppose traditional marriage....

Jay Sakashita
Misfit Spirit // Journey Of Life And Rites Of Passage
I turned 50 this year, and when you look at my photograph, I know what you are thinking — wow, he’s still so sexy! Yes,...

Jay Sakashita
Misfit Spirit // Ofuda, Omamori, Faith And Magic
Omamori and ofuda are spiritual charms, talismans and amulets in the Japanese religious tradition that possess the power to ward off misfortune and procure good...

Jay Sakashita
Misfit Spirit // The Sin Of Teaching Intolerance To Keiki
In the religion department at UH-Manoa, we have T-shirts that read, “Sin Is Our Business.” But sin — wherever it is and in whatever form...

Jay Sakashita
Misfit Spirit // Reading Skin On Bodies Of Faith
“And the Word became flesh.” This well-known biblical passage conveys not only a central Christian belief, but also underpins wider notions of skin and self....

Jay Sakashita
Misfit Spirit // Women, The Bible And Interpretations
It’s tough for women in the Bible. Men take all the good roles. God is male, the savior is a man and so too is...

Jay Sakashita
Misfit Spirit // Buddhism Morphed By Migration
When our daughter was only a few months old, my wife and I took her grocery shopping in Hawaii Kai. We were new parents proudly...

Jay Sakashita
Misfit Spirit // The Importance Of Religious Numbers
I hate math. I don’t understand it. Math says A=πr2, but I know pies are round. The Trinity Doctrine tells me I must believe 3=1....

Jay Sakashita
Misfit Spirit // Religions Vary On ‘Thou Shalt Not Kill’
Hunting is not a sport, says comedian Paul Rodriguez. In a sport, he says, both sides should know they’re playing. Who told the animals they’re...

Jay Sakashita
Misfit Spirit // It Takes Faith To Write On Religion
A passage from the Quran (surah 22:47) states a thousand years is like a day to God. This is Tamagotchi time. By this reckoning, MidWeek...

Jay Sakashita
Misfit Spirit // Reasons People Of Faith Fast
If variety is the spice of life, religion is its dessert. Indulged in the right amount and enjoyed with others at the appropriate time, religion...

Jay Sakashita
Misfit Spirit // Cremation And Death Rituals
This column is a counterpart to the May 28 article on burial. It takes about two hours to cremate a body. Of course, this is...

Jay Sakashita
Misfit Spirit // The Trouble With Saying God’s Name
Jews, Christians and Muslims are religious siblings who claim to believe in the same God. But do they really? The Quran makes it clear that...

Jay Sakashita
Misfit Spirit // Hawaii’s Obon Season Is Uniquely Ours
The Obon festival in Hawaii is an invented tradition. It is the Spam musubi of Buddhism. It has its origins elsewhere, but it is re-shaped,...

Jay Sakashita
Misfit Spirit // The Sacrifices Fathers Make For Keiki
A father’s love is the best kind of love and is superior to anything else. This is the view promoted in the world religions, as...


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