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Don Chapman
Column // The Allure Of Antiquities In Japan
This is the second in a two-part series on my recent visit to Japan, the second in 15 months. I like old stuff, which is...

Don Chapman
Column // Courage Of Convictions; p4c News
A behind-the-scenes note to MidWeek readers: As a political independent (lower-case i), every week I edit and publish columns with which I disagree, on both...

Don Chapman
Column // Delight And Discovery In Japan
A few notes from nine fabulous days in Japan. Which is semi-redundant, because after two trips to the Land of the Rising Sun in the...

Don Chapman
Column // Clearing Out The Lama Notebook
There wasn’t enough space in our Dalai Lama cover story to include every nugget in my notebook, and then I dashed off to Japan for...

Don Chapman
Column // Four Days With The Dalai Lama
The great irony during the 14th Dalai Lama’s four-day visit to Oahu is that the self-described “simple monk” who brought with him a message of...

Don Chapman
Column // New Extreme Sport; Thud; Duke Pics
Memo to ESPN’s X Games producers. Subject: Possible new Hawaii-based event During my daily commute from home in Kaneohe to work at Waterfront Plaza, I...