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Don Chapman
Column // Scarred But Hopeful In Myanmar
This is the third in a three-part series. The long-suffering people of Myanmar see their military rather differently from the way we Americans tend to...

Don Chapman
Column // Pleasant Surprises In A Myanmar Visit
This is the second in a three-part series. Flying into Myanmar, the last thing I expected was to fall in love … with a river....

Don Chapman
Column // Myanmar Boat Ride Turns Into More
It is a country with two names, one historically familiar, the other not so much. It’s home to 135 different ethnic groups, some currently in...

Don Chapman
Column // Five Decades Of Memories At The Stick
It’s rather like the passing of an old friend when a stadium goes away, as anyone who ever attended a game at the old Honolulu...

Don Chapman
Column // A Shark Fishery In Hawaii?
After seeing my column “Reasons For All The Shark Attacks” last week, an anonymous MidWeek reader sent me this email: “Just got back from Maui...

Don Chapman
Column // Reasons For All The Shark Attacks
State officials say they’re puzzled by the dramatic uptick in shark attacks on humans in Hawaii waters. After averaging about four such attacks per year...

Don Chapman
Column // Dis And Dots
As we used to say in another column incarnation, this week it’s a bit of Dis, Dots an’ Da Oddah T’ing: My fellow Americans made...

Don Chapman
Column // Staycation With A Few Old Friends
I spent several days on Kaua’i during a recent “staycation,” and in many ways it was like connecting with old friends after many years apart....

Don Chapman
Column // MidWeek Readers’ Ghost Stories
Following a recent MidWeek Poll that asked people if they had ever seen a ghost, letter writer Elizabeth Tam responded in shock that each of...

Don Chapman
Column // Idiot Drivers, Idiot Walkers: Bad Mix
A middle-age guy exits a store into the parking lot, studying his sales receipt, and walks directly into my path. I have to slam on...

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