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Just Thoughts
Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // UH Needs Audit, Not PR Campaign
A recent Star-Advertiser editorial called for “repairing the reputation” of the University of Hawaii. The writer said the main problem is that UH may not...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // Always Running For A Higher Office
So, why do all those incumbent politicians yearn so mightily for higher office instead of being satisfied with the one they have? It troubles me...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // Where In Heaven’s Name Is Hell?
Here comes Easter. And The Economist, the best English-language news magazine still publishing, has declared hell and heaven to be dead issues in Western culture....

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // How Seriously To Take North Korea?
I’m not sure how seriously we Americans take the North Koreans. I think our general attitude is, “They can huff and puff, but in the...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // Four Days On The Mekong River
Here’s one that definitely belongs on your “bucket list” – things to do before you croak: A four-day, five-night float on the Mekong River from...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // Letting It All Hang Out — Or Not
San Francisco has banned nudity on city property. I’m good with that. Our society isn’t comfortable with exhibitionists letting it all hang out in public...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // Merrie Monarch Opening Up, Sorta
Somebody at the Merrie Monarch Festival in Hilo is paying attention to you fans – and even to me, as a yearly attendee and writer...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // Secret Tales Of A U.S. Spy Plane
I had a short but very special overseas assignment with the U.S. Air Force in 1956, but I wasn’t allowed to tell anyone about it...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // Who Pays When Rescue’s Required?
News item: Lost hikers keep Oahu rescue crews busy. Should we start charging people the cost of rescue when they undertake a risky recreational activity...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // Leaders Aren’t Listening To Public
I get a good sense of what’s bugging people by reading letters to the editor. I wish our leaders and lawmakers did, too, but I...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // Ways To Boost Our Isle Economy
Here’s something BIG we’ve missed out on. It’s called “medical tourism.” A million-and-a-half Americans will travel somewhere this year for bone, heart or cosmetic surgery...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // Tightening Security At Our Schools
I’ve wrestled mightily with the too-frequent school killings matter, come up with some ideas, chucked them, written potential columns about it and tossed those out...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // How Many People Can Oahu Handle?
A new Legislature and a new City Council are under way. New mayor for Oahu. What are we in for? I sense from my emails,...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // The Best And Worst In 2012 Films
Picking great, good and OK movies to see has become much more difficult, and with today’s prices, you don’t want to waste money on the...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // Schatz Gets The Jump On Mazie
First things first. I have nothing against Brian Schatz. Young, energetic, liberal, did some small time in the State House, has been the obedient, second-office...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // A Christmas Tradition Worth Keeping
The Star-Advertiser ran an editorial cartoon recently that I really enjoyed: A man standing amid Christmas sale signs and saying “There’s a war against Christmas...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // Public Worker Unions Too Greedy
Editor’s note: Soon after Bob Jones filed this column, Hawaii public worker unions, miffed at State House Speaker Calvin Say for not agreeing to raise...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // Budget Talks Need Some Reality
Those national budget talks need some heavy-dose shots of reality. First, the GOP needs to stop talking about how it almost won the 2012 election....

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // Neil Puzzles With Some Staff Picks
They get elected Hawaii governor, they come into office with a lot of public support, then they poop out. They can, perhaps rightfully, claim that...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // Reasons To Love (And Hate) ‘Five-0′
I watch Hawaii Five-0 religiously, except when it’s in reruns and the episode is so terrible I can’t tolerate it a second time. I have...


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