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Just Thoughts
Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // Whither Polygamy; Uber Questions
Those of us who espoused same-gender marriage on the grounds that government should not control whom we marry find ourselves in a bit of a...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // Is It Time For A Constitution Rewrite?
Did President Obama defile the Constitution by halting some immigration prosecution, exempting some ObamaCare mandates and granting waivers to No Child Left Behind? Would a...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // Media Makes Up New Rules With Cosby
All that news media coverage of Bill Cosby’s alleged sexual misbehavior has made me a bit queasy. Had I been Washington Post‘s editor I’d likely...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // Good Reasons To Support Sit-Lie
I’ll be sitting down Thanksgiving evening to a dinner with my wife and six friends, and I know I’m expected to feel a sense of...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // The Thrill Of Seeing Hot Lava Up Close
There’s nothing quite like witnessing, close up, a Big Island volcanic eruption and the subsequent flow of either smooth pahoehoe or craggy a‘a lava at...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // Post-election Notes To Political Players
Memo to: Pat Saiki, GOP State Chair woman Did you have a moment last Tuesday when you wished you were a Democrat? When you realized...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // Police Union Boss Part Of The Problem
I hope most of you readers will agree with this: That was a pathetic attempt by police union president Tenari Maafala to shift blame from...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // Bad Ideas For Improving Education
Most everyone I meet has an idea how to make our education system better. The perception persists here that we have failing public schools turning...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // Parallels For Hawaiians, Lakota Sioux
If you’re from Hawaii and familiar with our Native Hawaiian “tribal” or “kingdom” issue, it’s fascinating to visit South Dakota and get immersed in its...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // Crazy Ideas About Drugs; Yes On ’4′
National columnists sometimes write the silliest things. (I am only local and, ipso facto, exempt from that charge!) Thomas Sowell always seems to write silly...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // Political Punditry; Police And Politics
There’s been a surfeit of punditry about the perceived faults that caused the political downfalls of Neil Abercrombie and Mufi Hannemann. I’d like to add...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // The Problem With Being Pro-homeless
There seems to be a cluster of compassionate folks opposed to any “criminalization” of the homeless — that is, they cringe at confiscating their sidewalk...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // Let’s Face It: Natatorium Arch Is Ugly
I just don’t understand the reasoning by those who say we cannot demolish Waikiki Natatorium because it was erected as a memorial to World War...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // East vs. West: Spare The Citizenry
I think I can say without contradiction that the heavily secular Western nations are engaged in a couple of wars with many Muslims, both foreign...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // The Moped Mode Of Transportation
It would seem logical for more people in Hawaii to ride a moped. Maybe more so than a bike because of better speed, uphill power...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // A Grand Salute To Ray Nosaka
Pfc. Raymond Nosaka was inurned at Punchbowl National Cemetery last week. There was a small obit when he died at age 98 at Maunalani Nursing...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // The Second Attack On Pearl Harbor
“So what’s this display with bomb fragments?” I asked Pacific Aviation Museum curator Burl Burlingame during a tour of the Ford Island institution. “That’s the...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // Dems Will Prevail In General Election
The question of this month, next month and October is: Can Duke Aiona (R) or Mufi Hannemann (I) defeat David Ige (D) in the November...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // Not A Great Start For Lassner
I’m not qualified to judge whether Tom Apple was or was not an effective chancellor at University of Hawaii at Manoa. I am qualified as...

Bob Jones
Just Thoughts // Primary Voting Guide
Here comes Primary Election Saturday! I don’t endorse candidates. But I can share some of the things that guide me. It has nothing to do...


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