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Steve Murray
Hot Air // Taking A Breather From Hot Air
Sometimes even legends need a break. It can be difficult to say goodbye to the ones you love. Farewells can be emotional, such as when...

Steve Murray
Hot Air // Sam TV Is Wrong Venue For Change
Michael Sam wants to be a football player, no different from any other. Now he is. Seeing the opportunity to cash in on his story,...

Steve Murray
Hot Air // New Contract May Indicate Good News
University of Hawaii athletics director Ben Jay is in the process of negotiating a contract extension for men’s basketball coach Gib Arnold. Arnold is signed...

Steve Murray
Hot Air // Outrage Ignores Sterling’s Real Victims
Moral outrage is cheap currency. It’s easy to manipulate and wildly speculative. This became clear in the moments following TMZ’s release of Clippers’ owner Donald...

Steve Murray
Hot Air // Little To Fear From Big Five Autonomy
It’s been a busy few weeks for the NCAA. Days after announcing a change in its food policy, which went so far as to quantify...

Steve Murray
Hot Air // Doc Shows Arnie Is Still The King
Narrator Tom Selleck begins Golf Channel’s three-part documentary on Arnold Palmer asking a profound question: How do you tell the life story of a person...

Steve Murray
Hot Air // Youth Carry Wings Into Postseason
The Detroit Red Wings like experience. For the past decade, the Original Six member rode the collective skill of veteran players to maintain its status...

Steve Murray
Hot Air // We’re Racing!
Inspired by the post-Civil War bounty hunter who hunted a Mexican bandit in Italy, here comes The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of NASCAR....

Steve Murray
Hot Air // NLRB Ruling A Blow To NCAA Hypocrisy
Former NCAA head Walter Byers invented the term “student-athlete” in the 1950s to protect Fort Lewis A&M University from a lawsuit brought by the wife...

Steve Murray
Hot Air // Akana Case Is Anything But Nothing
If UH assistant basketball coach Brandyn Akana did what has been alleged – that he purposely added incorrect information to an immigration form to get...

Steve Murray
Hot Air // Rookie’s Confidence Big For PGA Tour
Patrick Reed is exactly what the PGA needs. We’ve seen his type before – young, talented and brimming with confidence. The list today is largely...

Steve Murray
Hot Air // Getting A Leg Up On Man Cred
As I lay anxiously awaiting the siren call of surgery, I came upon a universal truth: Injuries can give a guy some serious man cred....

Steve Murray
Hot Air // Jr.’s Win A Big Win For NASCAR
A six-hour-plus rain delay is no way to start the Great American Race. Television viewers get anxious and drift away. Those in attendance go crazy...

Steve Murray
Hot Air // Olympic Hockey A Burden On NHL
The NHL has a problem. Every four years, the league sends its best and most marketable players to compete for Olympic glory. It makes sense....

Steve Murray
Hot Air // Jeter: A Yankee Worthy Of Admiration
By every quantifiable measure, Derek Jeter should be the most hated man on Earth. He lives in a luxury New York high rise (and a...

Steve Murray
Hot Air // UH Budget Now A Community Concern
It seems University of Hawaii athletics just can’t catch a break. One day after announcing its 2014 recruiting class – typically a high time for...

Steve Murray
Hot Air // NCAA Wrong On Employee-Athletes
A group of Northwestern football players want to unionize. The NCAA is against the idea. Based on each group’s history of credibility, the NCAA already...

Steve Murray
Hot Air // NASCAR Qualifying Gets Tougher
In a sport with a history written by those best able to work outside the rules, NASCAR should be congratulated for stealing a good idea....

Steve Murray
Hot Air // A Repentant A-Rod? Say It Ain’t So
Am I the only one who was disappointed to hear Alex Rodriguez claim that Major League Baseball may be doing him a favor with his...

Steve Murray
Hot Air // The Worst Crime In Baseball Ever
Writers, voters and opinion makers, lend us your ears; We come to bury Dan Le Batard, not to praise him. Jerk! The Miami Herald columnist...


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