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Susan Kang Sunderland
Newsmakers // A Model Of Transformative Learning
Hahaione Elementary School, the state’s newest authorized International Baccalaureate World School, is training global citizens Class will come to order. Today’s lesson is global citizenship....

Nicole Kato
Newsmakers // Sen. Akaka’s Last Senate Page
Not many high school juniors can say that they have visited the nation’s Capitol, but Maryknoll’s Gwendilyn Liu has visited Washington, D.C., and worked on...

Susan Kang Sunderland
Newsmakers // Art That Swims
Maybe they need koi ponds at the Hawaii State Capitol. Anywhere there is a lot of bickering and posturing there is a lot of stress....

Sarah Pacheco
Newsmakers // Hawaii’s Renaissance Man
The man behind the food and art at Cafe Sistina isn’t stopping there, and recently finished murals for an Aiea church and at the Federal...

Yu Shing Ting
Newsmakers // A Role Model For Local Talent
It’s a dream come true for Dawn Larson-Lord, as she launches Larson Talent, an agency for actors, models, makeup artists and hairstylists statewide After spending...

Susan Kang Sunderland
Newsmakers // Jail Adventure Of The Ninja Dancer
A martial arts prop to be used on a televised dance competition landed Hawaii’s Cole Horibe accidentally in one of L.A.’s worst jails Dancer Cole...

Susan Kang Sunderland
Newsmakers // Bringing The Ocean Alive For Keiki
Johnson Enos of Kaneohe grew up surfing and swimming, and now turns his love of the sea into a children’s musical, Honu By The Sea...

Nicole Kato
Newsmakers // An Injury Ends On A Happy Note
Mike Izon was serious about tennis until a back injury took him out of the game. So he traded his racquet for a guitar, and...

Chad Pata
Newsmakers // An Unlikely Leader In The AIDS Fight
Paul Groesbeck wasn’t what the Life Foundation was looking for 20 years ago – for starters, he’s straight – but he was exactly the right...

Chad Pata
Newsmakers // Using The Law To Assist Immigrants
Mark Twain once remarked, “History doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme,” and this sentiment can be seen most plainly in our treatment of immigrants...

Steve Murray
Newsmakers // The ‘Pearl Harbor Avenger’ Turns 70
The submarine christened exactly one year after the attack on Pearl Harbor served heroically in WWII, and today proudly carries on a mission of education...

Steve Murray
Newsmakers // Back On His Feet After Losing His Legs
Kaimuki High grad Brian Kolfage brings a message of determination and hope to a Navy League audience Brian Kolfage says he was nothing special, just...

Chad Pata
Newsmakers // Reinventing The Taxi Business
EcoCab uses hybrid cars, hires its drivers, trains them in customer service and provides tablets in the backseat. It’s a new way to ride It...

Yu Shing Ting
Newsmakers // From Hilo To Hollywood — And Lovin’ It
Local girl Kristina Anapau has made a name for herself starring in Hollywood movies and portraying Maurella on the HBO hit series ‘True Blood’ Actress...

Yu Shing Ting
Newsmakers // Stop Your Dog From Nuisance Barking
With more people complaining about barking dogs, Scott Argus of Talk Dog Hawaii has a solution. In short, dog owners have to be the pack...

Chris Fleck
Newsmakers // Teens Win State Chess Championships
Eldon Nakagawa of Aiea and Stephen Mau of Mililani shock the chess world by winning state titles Historically, the game of chess has been imbued...

Susan Kang Sunderland
Newsmakers // Tales From The Great Pumpkin Patch
Here’s the straight scoop from a real expert on the third annual Pumpkin Carving Festival Oct. 24 at Tamarind Park, and Oct. 27 at Windward...

Chad Pata
Newsmakers // The Autism Whisperer
When Helene Mann’s daughter was born with severe cerebral palsy, she learned to communicate non-verbally with children Take a moment to picture every redhead you...

Chris Fleck
Newsmakers // Schools For Adults Saved By The Bell
It’s one thing when our national and local leaders speak about the value education can have in stimulating resurging economies, whether in the Islands or...

Chad Pata
Newsmakers // Rich Miano – Doing What He Always Dreamed Of Doing
The ex-NFL star is coaching his alma mater Kaiser High, and loving every minute. When young kids strap on their shoulder pads, pulling that helmet...


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