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Steve Murray
Newsmakers // Mr. Counter-terrorism
IOLANI AND UH ALUM WADE ISHIMOTO IS A LEADING INTERNATIONAL EXPERT ON FIGHTING TERROR At 72 and slight of build, Wade Ishimoto doesn’t immediately bring...

Jaimie Kim
Newsmakers // Hawaii’s Own Energy Drink
A Honolulu entrepreneur creates a tasty concoction made with kale, coconut water, green tea and guarana that he says provides ‘an elevated state of awareness’...

Jaimie Kim
Newsmakers // Leading Women
To be a leader in our community is no easy feat. To also empower women and eliminate racism makes things a bit more complex. But...

Chad Pata
Newsmakers // Hawaii’s Hong Kong-China Connection
With the number of tourists from China coming to Hawaii expected to reach 1 million annually by 2017, a Hong Kong native sees economic opportunities...

Chad Pata
Newsmakers // Born To Play Piano – And Help Others
For most of us growing up, our biggest question was: What will I be? But for a rare blessed few, that answer makes itself apparent...

Jaimie Kim
Newsmakers // Where Bruno Got His Start
The father of Bruno Mars – who returns home for three shows this week – talks about the star’s musical origins and the family that...

Susan Kang Sunderland
Newsmakers // Remembering The Grand Dame Of Hula
The daughter of Aunti Maiki Aiu Lake carries on her traditional hula ways, and the halau is planning its 30th annual celebration in her honor...

Rasa Fournier
Newsmakers // Born To Sing
He seemed destined for football. After all, the book, the movie and the spinoff series Friday Night Lights document his high school football team and...

Rasa Fournier
Newsmakers // Amazing Stories Of Hyperbaric Healing
The UH medical school Hyperbaric Treatment Center does miraculous things, especially with diabetics There’s a story behind why Dr. George Macris is working at the...

Susan Kang Sunderland
Newsmakers // Waioli Tea Room
There are not many public venues that retain their original structures and ambiance. So where can one experience the charm of old Hawaii? Where one...

Chad Pata
Newsmakers // Teens Tackle Texting/Driving Carnage
We all have done it. Even those of you who condemn it have, though you may not like to admit it. You’re in the car,...

Steve Murray
Newsmakers // A Force In Changing American Football
Pride and determination are often enough to get things done in a hurry. When that doesn’t work, a swift kick in the okole can prove...

Yu Shing Ting
Newsmakers // Walking Japan For Tsunami Victims
Enson Inoue and Roman Dela Cruz walk more than 1,300 miles to raise awareness for the continuing plight of those hit by the Fukushima disaster...

Nicole Kato
Newsmakers // Kokua Team Comes Together Again
Just as they’ve done three times before, Hawaii entertainers volunteer their time and talent Sunday at the Hilton Hawaiian Village Thanksgiving has come and gone,...

Steve Murray
Newsmakers // A Tour That Relives The Days After Dec. 7
You’re a young Navy ensign, assigned to assess the damage to Oahu military sites in the days after the attack on Pearl Harbor. First comes...

Jaimie Kim
Newsmakers // Amazing Results For Stem Cell Therapy In Pets
The procedure is minimally invasive and has been shown to work for animals with stiff joints and kidney problems, among others ailments Tenuous as it...

Steve Murray
Newsmakers // Tiny Technology Finds A Home At UH
When the Minotaur 1 rocket clears the launch pad at NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia sometime in the next few days, the members of...

Jaimie Kim
Newsmakers // Saluting Women With STEM Success
The Girl Scouts’ annual Woman of Distinction dinner honors three who are succeeding in male-dominated professions It’s a quest that begins the moment we are...

Jaimie Kim
Newsmakers // Emboldened By A Bout With Cancer
Beating breast cancer changed the way Karen Garcia looked at life, and she came out stronger She stood in the shower, tugging out the remains...

Rasa Fournier
Newsmakers // Meet The New HOT Executive Director
Born into a musical family, and having studied economics at Cambridge, Simon Crookall is tasked with expanding Hawaii’s opera audience Simon Crookall, a spirited Brit...


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