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MidWeek Cover Story
Jaimie Kim
MidWeek Cover Story // Not Your Average Rock Star
Wearing shorts and a blue T-shirt, Jack Johnson walks in slippers to a lone microphone equipped with a single guitar. Today’s venue is a covered...

Nicole Kato
MidWeek Cover Story // Lanakila: More Than Meals On Wheels
As Lanakila Pacific turns 75, there’s lots to celebrate because of the many ways the organization makes it possible for those with disabilities to live...

Rasa Fournier
MidWeek Cover Story // Prince Lot’s Hula Tree
Far from the prying eyes of missionaries, Prince Lot revived hula in Moanalua Valley. Five kumu hula whose roots go back to that crucial time...

Chad Pata
MidWeek Cover Story // A Postcard From KAMP
Aaron Kamau grew up in Kalihi and knows the risks youth face. In response he created KAMP, which promotes teamwork while giving kids confidence in...

Chad Pata
MidWeek Cover Story // Coach Karch
Former Olympic champion Karch Kiraly leads the No. 2-ranked U.S. women’s national team against No. 1 Brazil in matches at Stan Sheriff Center July 11-12....

Chad Pata
MidWeek Cover Story // Sharing The Joys Of Reading Aloud
Jed Gaines has seen again and again the powerful benefits of parents reading with children, but now a cut in funding imperils Read Aloud America,...

Rasa Fournier
MidWeek Cover Story // Loretta Joins Pat And Joe
For their latest collaboration, Wrestling Ernest Hemingway, old pals Joe Moore and Pat Sajak reached out to Hawaii’s Broadway star Loretta Ables Sayre, and gave...

Christina O’Connor
MidWeek Cover Story // Shep Steps Into The Spotlight
On Shep Gordon’s first night in Los Angeles in the late 1960s, he got hit in the face by Janis Joplin. He had checked into...

Rasa Fournier
MidWeek Cover Story // Making The Haumana
‘Haumana’ is a student of hula, and while Keo Woolford starred in London’s The King and I and shared the stage with Christina Aguilera, at...

Chad Pata
MidWeek Cover Story // Great Ride, Frenchy
That’s what President George W. Bush wrote on an autographed photo to Ray L’Heureux of Honolulu, personal pilot for Bush 2 and three other U.S....

Susan Kang Sunderland
MidWeek Cover Story // Longs Drugs – Makiki’s New Neighborhood Pharmacy
Longs Drugs celebrates its 60th anniversary in Hawaii by opening its 54th store, this one located across from Mckinley High School It’s Longs Drugs’ kanreki,...

Yu Shing Ting
MidWeek Cover Story // Miss Hawaii USA
It’s tough enough to win the title of Miss Hawaii USA, but for Moani Hara, it’s a heroic achievement because she suffers from dyslexia Like...

Nicole Kato
MidWeek Cover Story // Thinking Inside The Box
Postal Service mail carriers, taking a break from promoting new large flat-rate boxes, are hoping you’ll contribute to the nation’s largest one-day food drive this...

Susan Kang Sunderland
MidWeek Cover Story // Queen’s Goes West
West Oahu once had its own hospital and ER, but it’s been two and a half years since it closed. That changes May 20 when...

Steve Murray
MidWeek Cover Story // Let There Be Lei
Brian Choy loves making lei – from planting the seeds to picking the flowers to stringing blossoms and greens together. He’s studied lei-making for years,...

Chad Pata
MidWeek Cover Story // Dr. HAPPY (Physician To The Dead)
Given his name, lots of people thought Dr. Christopher Happy would become a psychiatrist or pediatrician. Instead, he’s Honolulu’s new chief medical examiner, the last...

Susan Kang Sunderland
MidWeek Cover Story // The Faces Of Foodbank
This is a story about the Hawaii Foodbank, but even more it is a story about people – those who work or volunteer there, as...

Chad Pata
MidWeek Cover Story // What Climate Change Means To Hawaii
Climate change is happening. But what does it mean for Hawaii? Scientists from 30 agencies, nonprofits and university departments are collaborating to get solid science...

Christina O’Connor
MidWeek Cover Story // Get Hired
Presented by ‘Honolulu Star-Advertiser,’ along with and alternate energy, the 2014 Career Expo is designed to connect companies with their ideal employees Like many...

Susan Kang Sunderland
MidWeek Cover Story // New Wave
Waikiki Aquarium, Oahu’s window to the undersea world, is celebrating its 110th anniversary this month. Dive in and explore, as it’s bigger and better than...


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