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The Wild Side
Dr. John Kaya
The Wild Side // A Child’s Compassion And Strength
It’s funny how life can revolve around a 5-year-old and a 2-year-old. I never thought fatherhood would be this difficult. Maybe it’s because I’m nearing...

Dr. John Kaya
The Wild Side // Eyeing Hazards In The Workplace
Working in the veterinary profession can be quite hazardous to your health. Patients occasionally try to bite you, and a variety of zoonotic diseases (diseases...

Dr. John Kaya
The Wild Side // Bidding Adieu To A True Friend
The saying “life is short”comes from Mark Twain. This definitely holds true for most of our domesticated species. Although we may live to a ripe...

Dr. John Kaya
The Wild Side // Healthy Pets Need A Healthy Diet
Pet owners have a challenging dilemma as they select from a wide range of pet foods. Some owners come into our practice touting the virtues...

Dr. John Kaya
The Wild Side // An Explosive Situation
As the weather gets cooler, I’m often reminded of my days in Minnesota. It was the perfect place for a veterinary education because when it...

Dr. John Kaya
The Wild Side // A Creepy, Vicious … Lovebird?
Vampire bats and Tasmanian devils represent creatures of the animal kingdom with misleading names. Misnomers, if you will. Vampire bats evoke visions of transforming denizens...

Dr. John Kaya
The Wild Side // Treating Pets With Eggplants?
Many cultures have medicinal remedies that have been passed down from generation to generation. Some have proven valid even in today’s scientific world, while others...

Dr. John Kaya
The Wild Side // On Chit Bulls And Pihuahuas
If you enjoy surfing the Internet, then I urge you to use your favorite search engine to look up designer dog breeds. The various websites...

Dr. John Kaya
The Wild Side // Catching Diseases From Our Pets
There are many hazards associated with being a veterinarian. The most obvious is the possibility of being bit by a painful or angry patient. Also...

Dr. John Kaya
The Wild Side // A Heartworm Alert To Cat Owners
The Wild Side column is dedicated to sharing real-life stories about owners and their pets. For the most part these stories are lighthearted and fun,...

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