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Vino Sense
Roberto Viernes
Vino Sense // Blending Adds Complexity To Wines
Have you ever had a wine and thought, “I think this would taste better if they added some Cabernet into it”? Have you ever wondered...

Roberto Viernes
Vino Sense // Cursing Corked And Cooked Wines
There is emptiness in my stomach. My emotions run through anger, disappointment, depression and despair. I think we all try to rationalize it when it...

Roberto Viernes
Vino Sense // A Critical Evaluation Of Wine Ratings
As long as there is wine to drink there will be wine critics. The influence that critics wield in the wine industry is massive. Time...

Roberto Viernes
Vino Sense // How We Perceive Balance In Wines
Is perception really truth? Is everything you see, hear, feel, smell and taste the absolute truth? I have to wonder, because I am always questioning...

Roberto Viernes
Vino Sense // Capturing Sommelier Test Angst On Film
All the stress, angst, intensity, pressure as well as elation, exhilaration, relief and humility came flowing over me in waves as I watched the screen....

Roberto Viernes
Vino Sense // Kapalua Wine And Food Festival Delights
The Kutch 2011 McDougall Ranch has beautifully ripe cherries laced with herbs and savory | photo from Roberto Viernes Do you know which is the...

Roberto Viernes
Vino Sense // A New ‘New World’ Sense Of Place
I have on several occasions written on the subject of “Old World” versus”New World” wines, and I dare not bore you with any repetition. Based...

Roberto Viernes
Vino Sense // Falling In Love With Santa Barbara Wines
This is the second in a two-part series on the wines of Santa Barbara County. Rather than giving generalizations into the styles of the wines...

Roberto Viernes
Vino Sense // The Valleys Of Santa Barbara County
This is the first of a two-part series on the wines and vineyards of Santa Barbara County. My shoes are covered in dried dust and...

Roberto Viernes
Vino Sense // The Most Exciting Two Minutes In Sports
What could possibly be “the most exciting two minutes in sports?” Is it the last two minutes of game seven? Is it the 100 yard...

Roberto Viernes
Vino Sense // Wines Mom Will Love On Any Day
When you cried when you hurt yourself as a child, who came running to wipe your tears away? It was more than likely your mother....

Roberto Viernes
Vino Sense // The Effects Of Climate Change On Wine
Are you worried about climate change? How about climate change and its effects on wine-producing regions around the world? Will you still be able drink...

Roberto Viernes
Vino Sense // An Unplanned Tasting Of Aussie Wines
SYDNEY – I experience the same sense of innocence and ignorance as anyone else when I travel to far off countries in exploration of their...

Roberto Viernes
Vino Sense // The Perks Of Being A Master SommelierThe Perks Of Being A Master Sommelier
When I was a child, I often wondered what it would be like to be a pilot. I thought it would be really cool to...

Roberto Viernes
Vino Sense // Jaded By Too Much Of A Good Thing
I know this is going to sound selfish and maybe even a little bit crazy, but I feel jaded. I know, you are thinking, “You...

Roberto Viernes
Vino Sense // The Sweet Truth About Dessert Wines
When was the last time you had a dessert wine at dinner? This is not a rhetorical question. I must admit that I also skip...

Roberto Viernes
Vino Sense // A Taste Of Burgundy On The Big Screen
If you are a wine lover, you should definitely get hold of a new film by David Kennard, A Year in Burgundy. Produced by Martine...

Roberto Viernes
Vino Sense // The Importance Of Context In Wine Tasting
If the painting Water Lillies by Claude Monet was hanging on the wall of a sidewalk café, would it be treated with the same reverence...

Roberto Viernes
Vino Sense // A Few Tips For Online Wine Auctions
If you cannot find a particular wine you are looking for locally, chances are you have to go online or look for it at auction....

Roberto Viernes
Vino Sense // It All Started With 14 Grains Of Rice
“Fourteen grains of rice.” It sounds like a lovely title for a novel, or maybe the opening line of a haiku. It could have very...


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