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Windward Oahu Coverstory
Carol Chang
Windward Oahu Coverstory // Ho‘olaulea Scene Good For Everyone
While the annual Windward Ho’olaulea is a campus showcase with plenty of food and fun, it also can be serious business for the craft vendors...

Carol Chang
Windward Oahu Coverstory // Kainalu’s Video Clip Wins Aloha Contest
Veteran video production teacher Irene Yamashita, who has seen her Windward students go far with their own skills over the years, has won the means...

Carol Chang
Windward Oahu Coverstory // Ka‘ahanui Family Salutes Hospital
Aikahi Elementary fourth-grader Ikaika Ka’ahanui will fly to Washington, D.C., and Orlando, Fla., Oct. 8-16 as Hawaii’s advocate for hospitals in the Children’s Miracle Network....

MidWeek Staff
Windward Oahu Coverstory // Everything About Surfing, On Land
Windward surfing fans are in for a treat at Turtle Bay Resort, which kicks off six weeks of films and talk story sessions Sept. 4...

Carol Chang
Windward Oahu Coverstory // A Bright ‘Les Mis’ Paliku Production
Tickets are “flying off the wall” for Paliku Theatre’s fall production of Les Miserables, according to Mo Bright, wife of the director, “and we have...

Carol Chang
Windward Oahu Coverstory // WCCC Inmates Share Life Lessons
Churchgoers and prisoners will come together at 5:30 p.m. Aug. 24 in Kailua for a special live performance that’s often heart-wrenching. Inmates from the Women’s...

Carol Chang
Windward Oahu Coverstory // Grammy Honors Beckon Hirokawa
As a youth, Micah Hirokawa was told he might never graduate from high school, based on his diagnosed dyslexia and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. But then...

Carol Chang
Windward Oahu Coverstory // A Gift Of Fresh Water For Africa
A church in Kaneohe, where water is clean and plentiful, is focused on providing water wells to a sub-Saharan country rated by the United Nations...

Carol Chang
Windward Oahu Coverstory // New HHH Homes For Waimanalo
A mini-neighborhood of six homes is slowly taking shape in the Kumuhau subdivision of Waimanalo. In fact, Honolulu Habitat for Humanity was pouring its know-how...

Carol Chang
Windward Oahu Coverstory // Curtain Call For WW Arts Council
After decades of nurturing and developing an impressive network of arts fans and events, Windward Arts Council plans to “bow out” by Aug. 31 –...

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