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Ron Mizutani
Currents // The Newest Paddles On The Water
The now-infamous Furlough Fridays had a major financial impact on many Island families, but for Denton Miyamura of Mililani, the long furlough days provided wife...

Ron Mizutani
Currents // Clearing The Way For A Rare View
Every cloud may have a silver lining, but so do cloudless days, particularly when the trade winds are light or nonexistent. The silver lining was...

Ron Mizutani
Currents // Paddling With A Purpose In Boston
Last April, we said aloha to one of Hawaii’s finest oceanmen in the waters off Kailua Beach. Aka Hemmings unconditionally served those with disabilities and...

Ron Mizutani
Currents // The Fishermen Are First On Kauai
Who says you have to catch the biggest fish to win a prize? Not on Kauai, at least not at the annual North Shore Fishing...

Ron Mizutani
Currents // Hui Nalu Riding A Wave Of Success
Several years ago, leaders at Hui Nalu Canoe Club had a vision: Build a program with a strong keiki base and success will follow. The...

Ron Mizutani
Currents // Taste Of Hawaiian In The Big Apple
Start spreading the news. New York City is gearing up for the largest outrigger canoe race on the East Coast and one of the most...

Ron Mizutani
Currents // Mr. Radical Is Now Mr. Reliable
If he were on the professional surfing tour, his style would be described as progressive and cutting-edge. In the 1970s, he was just plain radical....

Ron Mizutani
Currents // Sailing Aboard The Hokule‘a
It was an opportunity of a lifetime, a chance to sail on the Polynesian double-hulled voyaging canoe Hokule’a. I was fortunate to join more than...

Ron Mizutani
Currents // An Epic Start To Summer 2013
Few things in life are truly epic. Literature has its epic stories and poems, and there have been many epic battles and wars. But could...

Ron Mizutani
Currents // Gen Next Of Keaulana Lifesavers
There are times in life where our future is predetermined. Noland Keaulana understands this concept, and he has no issues with his life course being...

Ron Mizutani
Currents // Those Trailblazing Pacific Wahine
They are considered to be trailblazers in the sport of long-distance outrigger canoe paddling. Pacific Wahine is a team of Hawaii-based women paddlers who compete...

Ron Mizutani
Currents // Natatorium: Is The Fight Over?
The locked wooden doors slowly opened and my heart began to race. We were stepping back in time, but instead of feeling excitement, I found...

Ron Mizutani
Currents // Joining The 100-pound Ulua Club
Prestin Maze has been fishing nearly all his life and has seen his share of 100-pound ulua in photographs and magazines. The 25-year-old Ewa Beach...

Ron Mizutani
Currents // A Hawaii Runner’s Boston Story
Hawaii Kai’s Christopher “Kit” Smith must have been beaming as he glided down the final stretch of the Boston Marathon. After all, the grand prize...

Ron Mizutani
Currents // Be Careful Where You Light Up
Let me start by saying I’m not a smoker and I have strong opinions about secondhand smoke exposure. But I also respect the right to...

Ron Mizutani
Currents // Remembering A Great Steersmen
The pressure to execute was at a level I had never experienced before in a canoe and, paddling in seat five, I found myself repeating...

Ron Mizutani
Currents // Rainbow Trout Fishing In Hawaii
Managing our fisheries is critical when it comes to sustainability and ensuring future generations will have fish to catch. But what few may know is...

Ron Mizutani
Currents // Working Together To Save Lives
Through tragedy comes change, and in this case, change may ultimately save lives. Beautiful Kauai is reeling after the 10th reported drowning on the Garden...

Ron Mizutani
Currents // Trying To Revive UH ‘Rainbows’
Last August, I shared the story about my lifelong fascination with rainbows, and dozens of MidWeek readers responded with personal stories and their favorite photos....

Ron Mizutani
Currents // Leeward Beach Volleyball Grows
Many of us have inner visions, but few have the desire or the courage to take action on them. Those who dare to follow their...


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