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Bobby Curran
Curran Events // Dropping Anchors In The PGA
Everybody who develops an interest in golf gets their first exposure in a particular way, and mine came from a search for a summer job....

Bobby Curran
Curran Events // NCAA Fair In Oregon Ruling
When the NCAA announced its sanctions against the University of Oregon following a 27-month investigation, there had to be big smiles in Eugene and wherever...

Bobby Curran
Curran Events // The Best Pre-season Football Mag
In 1996, I was contacted by a man who wanted to send me a copy of his second annual college football magazine in hope of...

Bobby Curran
Curran Events // ‘Body Bag’ Games New UH Norm
A look at future non-conference football schedules for UH shows a changing landscape in which power conference teams have more leverage than ever before. There...

Bobby Curran
Curran Events // Looking For Wins On UH Schedule
The Rainbow Warrior football team is being lightly regarded by the national magazines for the 2013 season. That shouldn’t come as a big surprise –...

Bobby Curran
Curran Events // Long Putter Ban Could Go To Court
The official announcement confirming the ban on anchored putting by the Royal and Ancient along with the USGA causes major stress to some practitioners of...

Bobby Curran
Curran Events // The Community Value Of UH Sports
Now that the nickname debate has been settled in favor of Rainbow Warriors for men’s teams and Rainbow Wahine for the women, one hopes we...

Bobby Curran
Curran Events // Don’t Expect UH Sports Profitability
Some sports fans were alarmed last week when University of Hawaii at Manoa chancellor Tom Apple told a reporter from Ka Leo, the student newspaper,...

Bobby Curran
Curran Events // Collins Move A Sign Of Progress
Soon the announcement by NBA veteran center Jason Collins that he is gay will be passé, and that is a sign of progress. No team...

Bobby Curran
Curran Events // Hawaii’s Own NFL Draft Guru
After last weekend’s NFL draft, you probably heard tens or even hundreds of analysts present their player evaluation as well as a litany of team...

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