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Bobby Curran
Curran Events // Pro Bowl Remains Good Investment
The announcement last week that the Pro Bowl will skip Hawaii in 2015 and return for 2016 has sparked renewed debate about the value of...

Bobby Curran
Curran Events // Nicklaus Record A Long Shot For Tiger
When Tiger Woods announced that he’d had surgery on a pinched nerve in his back, making him miss this week’s Masters for the first time...

Bobby Curran
Curran Events // A College Players Union Rattles NCAA
Last week’s decision by the National Labor Relations Board that Northwestern University football players are employees and can unionize is sending shockwaves through the college...

Bobby Curran
Curran Events // Buffett And Bracket Bragging Rights
Chances are extraordinarily good that, as you read this, Warren Buffett’s billion-dollar offer to anyone who has all 67 games correct in the NCAA tournament...

Bobby Curran
Curran Events // The Lucrative NFL Business Model
Once again the NFL has demonstrated that it has the best business model in all of professional sports. Not only is the NFL America’s most...

Bobby Curran
Curran Events // UH Hoops Up For Big West Tourney
One of the ironies in modern-day college basketball is that postseason conference tournaments are much more dramatic and fun to watch in the lesser conferences...

Bobby Curran
Curran Events // Scouts Overdoing The ‘Measurables’
The annual NFL combine in Indianapolis contributes to the endless debate about the proper criteria for evaluating and selecting prospects to play in the league....

Bobby Curran
Curran Events // A Cold Winter For Russian Hockey
The Olympics present amazing narratives of individuals overcoming tremendous obstacles on their way to peak performances and medal ceremonies. And team accomplishments can rally entire...

Bobby Curran
Curran Events // The Main Thing: Can Sam Play?
As he prepares for the upcoming NFL draft, Missouri defensive end Michael Sam’s announcement that he is gay is the first by an active prospect...

Bobby Curran
Curran Events // Three Themes After The Super Bowl
In the wake of the Seattle Seahawks’ demolition of the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII, there are several narrative threads, some of which seem...

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