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Coffee Break
Jerry Coffee
Coffee Break // Obama Wasting Troops’ Sacrifice
This week’s column borrows from the closing comments of former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, in his speech to the Marine Corps Association July 18,...

Jerry Coffee
Coffee Break // Building An African Oasis For Keiki
Swaziland is Africa’s only remaining kingdom. Drifting like a tiny autonomous island in the northeastern corner of South Africa, it is a little less than...

Jerry Coffee
Coffee Break // The Wonders Of Modern Hearing Aids
Several years ago, when my 83-year-old mom was visiting us, we were in our kitchen – wife Susan was at the sink, my mom and...

Jerry Coffee
Coffee Break // In The True Christmas Moment
Probably like so many of you, months ago my wife, Susan, and I took a sacred oath to avoid the deadly “Christmas Crunch” (sounds like...

Jerry Coffee
Coffee Break // An American Hero’s Surprise
On the morning of April 8, 1968, an Army helicopter was traversing a shard of scrubby jungle a few clicks (kilometers) south of the DMZ...

Jerry Coffee
Coffee Break // Hanging With Young Presidents, Raptors
“YPO” does not stand for a magnificent valley on Hawaii Island (Waipio) or a countryside suburb west of Pearl City. YPO stands for Young Presidents...

Jerry Coffee
Coffee Break // Inspired To Poetry By Bombing
There had been no bombing raids in or around Hanoi for weeks, a situation that only increased the frustration of us POWs. “C’mon you guys,...

Jerry Coffee
Coffee Break // Obama’s Promises Don’t Hold Up
A few weeks ago I wrote a column about President Barack Obama’s propensity to play fast and loose with the truth. Imagine my surprise when...

Jerry Coffee
Coffee Break // State’s Catchment Policy Hits Vets
According to the 2000 census, there are 16,298 veterans living on Hawaii Island, of which 4,500 are using rainwater catchment systems to satisfy their water...

Jerry Coffee
Coffee Break // A Lifelong Love Affair With Football
I love football. I don’t celebrate New Year’s Jan. 1, I celebrate Aug. 15 or whatever August date the NFL schedules its first pre-season games...

Jerry Coffee
Coffee Break // The First Navy Jack’s Significance
Two weeks ago, I was privileged to attend the “change of command” ceremony, whereby the command of all Pacific submarines, Commander, Submarine Force U.S. Pacific...

Jerry Coffee
Coffee Break // A True American Patriot, Hero
As a kid I saw Gary Cooper in the movie Sergeant York, about the Tennessee sharpshooter of WWI fame. A Pacifist by nature, he became...

Jerry Coffee
Coffee Break // Pilots Must Be Hands On
The worst thing a Navy carrier pilot can do is to land short of the landing area on the flight deck. When that happens, the...

Jerry Coffee
Coffee Break // Having A Little Heart-To-Heart
Over the past 20-plus years I have had several heart attacks, the first being literally induced by an overly determined cardiologist during a simple angioplasty...

Jerry Coffee
Coffee Break // Our President Is A Big Fat Liar
“This is the most transparent administration in history.” -Barack Obama; White House “Fireside Hangout” hosted online by Google, Feb. 13, 2013 As Saturday Night Live‘s...

Jerry Coffee
Coffee Break // A Reunion With Vietnam POWs
En route to the Nixon Library in Yorba Linda, Calif., the eight big, shiny buses (truly the limousines of tour buses) carrying returned Vietnam POWs...

Jerry Coffee
Coffee Break // Leading Across 16 Time Zones
Driving onto Palm Circle at Fort Shafter is like driving through a time warp. Suddenly you are back in Hawaii’s elegant “military” era of the...

Jerry Coffee
Coffee Break // Obama Soft On Radical Islamists
According to Wikipedia, the first recorded terrorist attack on U.S. soil was in 1920, when several pounds of dynamite were made into a bomb that...

Jerry Coffee
Coffee Break // Spinning With The ‘Gooney Bird’
In 1964, I was one of the “Red Hot” young instructor pilots at the Vigilante training squadron in Central Florida. The “Vigi” was being integrated...

Jerry Coffee
Coffee Break // Benghazi Injured Being Silenced?
Of all the new acronyms and abbreviations we use now in everyday communication by email, texting or twittering, like LOL or OMG. But one of...


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