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Coffee Break
Jerry Coffee
Coffee Break // Remembering A Heroic POW
Some of you more “seasoned” readers may re call the infamous “Hanoi March” in June 1966, in which we American POWs, cuffed together in pairs,...

Jerry Coffee
Coffee Break // Southeast Asia And Flight 370
I realize that by the time this column is published the mysterious disappearance of Malaysian Flight 370 and its passengers and crew March 8 may...

Jerry Coffee
Coffee Break // The Swamp Ghost’s New Home
Pacific Aviation Museum at Pearl Harbor is a wonderful success story that just keeps going – and growing. Occupying two Ford Island World War II...

Jerry Coffee
Coffee Break // Obama Wasting Troops’ Sacrifice
This week’s column borrows from the closing comments of former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, in his speech to the Marine Corps Association July 18,...

Jerry Coffee
Coffee Break // Building An African Oasis For Keiki
Swaziland is Africa’s only remaining kingdom. Drifting like a tiny autonomous island in the northeastern corner of South Africa, it is a little less than...

Jerry Coffee
Coffee Break // The Wonders Of Modern Hearing Aids
Several years ago, when my 83-year-old mom was visiting us, we were in our kitchen – wife Susan was at the sink, my mom and...

Jerry Coffee
Coffee Break // In The True Christmas Moment
Probably like so many of you, months ago my wife, Susan, and I took a sacred oath to avoid the deadly “Christmas Crunch” (sounds like...

Jerry Coffee
Coffee Break // An American Hero’s Surprise
On the morning of April 8, 1968, an Army helicopter was traversing a shard of scrubby jungle a few clicks (kilometers) south of the DMZ...

Jerry Coffee
Coffee Break // Hanging With Young Presidents, Raptors
“YPO” does not stand for a magnificent valley on Hawaii Island (Waipio) or a countryside suburb west of Pearl City. YPO stands for Young Presidents...

Jerry Coffee
Coffee Break // Inspired To Poetry By Bombing
There had been no bombing raids in or around Hanoi for weeks, a situation that only increased the frustration of us POWs. “C’mon you guys,...

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