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Archives for: Tannya Joaquin
Tannya Joaquin
Tannya’s Take // Golden Opportunity For Disappointment
In my column here last week, I wrote about the sweet satisfaction of being part of a candy-free Easter hunt for my daughter’s class. Little...

Tannya Joaquin
Tannya’s Take // Striving To Stay Sweet Sans The Sugar
Easter was responsible for two of my guilty pleasures when I was growing up. No. 1: Those sugar-covered, pastel-colored marshmallow (at least, I think that’s...

Tannya Joaquin
Tannya’s Take // An ‘Appy’ Time @ Magic Kingdom
What would we do without our smart-phones, tablets and computers? We can’t live without them. Depending on your view, they’re either a blessing or a...

Tannya Joaquin
Tannya’s Take // Magical Disappearing Act At The Mall
I must have sucker written all over my face. Either that or I look like a tired mom who needs a pick-me-up. To be fair,...

Tannya Joaquin
Tannya’s Take // The Languages Of Love
It doesn’t take a bestselling book to know what motivates your children, but it helps. Even without my mother’s intuition, it’s easy to see that...

Tannya Joaquin
Tannya’s Take // Marketing Mixed Nutrition Messages
It’s been said that the best things in life are free, but this doesn’t mean the marketing geniuses out there aren’t using that as a...

Tannya Joaquin
Tannya’s Take // Taking A Swing At Public Playgrounds
Parents can nod their heads in agreement to this opinion. There simply isn’t enough variety and challenges for children to explore with the same playground...

Tannya Joaquin
Tannya’s Take // The Millennium Falcon’s Missing Link
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away … I loved Star Wars. I remember my sister and I would argue over who...

Tannya Joaquin
Tannya’s Take // Out Of The Mouths Of Babies
What the …? I gasp every time my children say this phrase. My mind fills in the blanks for them with words that aren’t fit...

Tannya Joaquin
Tannya’s Take // Discovering The Fun Of RC Flying
Roses are red. Violets are blue. Time for another Valentine’s Day, but how can you celebrate in a fresh way? Flowers, chocolate and a date...

Tannya Joaquin
Tannya’s Take // Fishing Around For Family Fun
We’re blessed to live in paradise with so many options to explore in the great outdoors. Pick your pleasure: gorgeous hikes, surfing, beaches, parks. With...

Tannya Joaquin
Tannya’s Take // The Value Of Dealing With Not Winning
I win. You lose.The sting of those words is enough to make any child break down in tears. Remember how we used to pick teams...

Tannya Joaquin
Tannya’s Take // One Little Way To Find Lost Stuff
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been ready to leave the house and then thought, “Oh wait, where are my car keys, my...

Tannya Joaquin
Tannya’s Take // Bubbly Put On Hold For The Eve
Man, where did the first two weeks of 2015 go? It’s like I’ve been walking around with a holiday hangover. Not the kind caused by...

Tannya Joaquin
Tannya’s Take // Having ‘Frozen’ Fun In The Islands
Here we are just a few days into the new year and already Santa’s Christmas gifts have broken. Seriously. My son’s remote control-operated helicopter didn’t...

Tannya Joaquin
Tannya’s Take // A Last-minute New Year’s Resolution
As we get ready to say aloha to 2014 and start a new year, I want to thank MidWeek‘s faithful readers. For those of you...

Tannya Joaquin
Tannya’s Take // How Much Should Santa’s Salary Be?
I can’t help but wonder how Santa Claus would feel about the 2014 Santa Index. How can you possibly put a dollar figure on the...

Tannya Joaquin
Tannya’s Take // Crafting Ways To Avoid Those DIY Disasters
Pinterest has the ability to make moms like me feel very different emotions — inspired and inade quate — at the same time. Apparently, I’m...

Tannya Joaquin
Tannya’s Take // A Bit Of Morning Commute Drama
Thud! “What in the world was that?” was my first thought, followed by “please tell me it was not my …” Let me backpedal a...

Tannya Joaquin
Tannya’s Take // Finding Family-friendly Holiday Fun
Ready or not, here comes Santa Claus. The jolly old elf will be busy at many family-friendly events around the island leading up to Christmas....

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