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Archives for: Jo McGarry
Jo McGarry
Table Talk // McCully Shopping Center A Dining Haven
McCully Shopping Center always has had more than its fair share of excellent restaurants. Celebrating its diversity and dozens of different culinary styles, the center...

Jo McGarry
Food & Beverage Focus // Diana Su
Public relations manager, Sheraton Waikiki, Royal Hawaiian Hotel Of all the people in our local F&B industry, I would put you in the top 10...

Jo McGarry
Food & Beverage Focus // Charlie Longhi
Owner: Longhi’s Restaurant, Ala Moana Center When you own a restaurant like Longhi’s, where do you go to eat? I like a lot of places....

Jo McGarry
Table Talk // It Takes A Village To Support 4-H Program
Hilton Hawaiian Village takes supporting the local community seriously, especially when it comes to food. From locally grown tomatoes in its luau’s lomi salmon to...

Jo McGarry
Table Talk // Going To Auntie’s For Comfort Food
For chefs, menu changes are an opportunity to broaden horizons and remain creatively connected to their art. For customers, the change usually just means their...

Jo McGarry
Table Talk // ‘Bizarre Foods’ Comes To Hawaii
Travel Channel’s Bizarre Foods America heads to Hawaii this week, sending popular host and lifetime foodie Andrew Zimmern in search of some of the best...

Jo McGarry
Food & Beverage Focus // Patrick Comer
Director of Operations, Good To Grill, Honolulu Where were you born and raised? Kalihi. What started your culinary path? I was working at Michel’s in...

Jo McGarry
Table Talk // Catch Copper River Salmon At 3660
Copper River Red Salmon appear once a year in Hawaii, as a handful of restaurants bring in the Alaskan delicacy for a period that lasts...

Jo McGarry
Food & Beverage Focus // Fred Noe
Associate Distiller and Bourbon Ambassador, Jim Beam Distillery Welcome to Honolulu. Are the Islands everything you had expected? Yes, yes, just wonderful. It’s my first...

Jo McGarry
Table Talk // Good to Grill’s New Lunch Specials
When Good to Grill owner Jason Kim stands in line for lunch at his Kapahulu restaurant, he’s happy to hear what fellow diners have to...

Jo McGarry
Food & Beverage Focus // Mark Lee
Owner, Mauka Chinese Cuisine Gateway at Mililani Mauka Where were you born and raised? Canton. I came to Hawaii about 20 years ago. Did you...

Jo McGarry
Table Talk // Not Your Ordinary Summer Barbecue
The aroma of summer barbecue is drifting from Halekulani onto the shores of Waikiki each Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday evening as executive chef Vikram Garg...

Jo McGarry
Food & Beverage Focus // Nawai Keko’olani
Executive Chef Romano’s Macaroni Grill, Ala Moana Center Were you born in Hawaii? I was born on Guam and I grew up here. Who influenced...

Jo McGarry
Table Talk // Shirokiya’s Yataimura; A Mondavi Dinner
Hot on the heels of a recent column about the excellence of our Honolulu bakers comes news of another bakery about to open in Shirokiya...

Jo McGarry
Food & Beverage Focus // Jason K. Kina
Executive Sous Chef, Ihilani Resort and Spa Where were you born and raised? Honolulu – I graduated from Farrington High School. What’s your first food...

Jo McGarry
Table Talk // The Exquisite Fun Of Japanese Nabe
I meant to take a lot more photographs during lunch at Ichiriki Japanese Nabe Restaurant than I did. Hot pot dishes photograph beautifully: the colors...

Jo McGarry
Food & Beverage Focus // Imran Khan
Owner, Monsoon India, Discovery Bay Center, Waikiki Where were you born and raised? In Pakistan. I went to London to university and then came to...

Jo McGarry
Table Talk // Great Bakers; Sekiya’s Longtime Success
The quality of bakers in Honolulu continues to reach new heights. I remember first coming to Hawaii 20 years ago and not being able to...

Jo McGarry
Food & Beverage Focus // Christa Maffei
Mixologist and Director of Outlets, Hilton Hawaiian Village How did you get to Honolulu? Via Pittsburgh, Chicago, then to Waikiki to open the Trump Hotel....

Jo McGarry
Table Talk // Improving The Level Of Restaurant Service
Last night during dinner, I got up twice to get our boys water, went in search of bread and butter, and as the stack of...

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