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Chad Pata
Newsmakers // HOME Is Where The Med Students Are
Homeless people need medical care. Medical students need patients. UH’s Dr. Jill Omori created HOME to address both problems It is rare in life for...

Chad Pata
MidWeek Cover Story // 125 Years Young
The history of Young’s Market is fascinating – from steers to Charlie Chaplin – and even more so as a lesson in how a business...

Chad Pata
MidWeek Cover Story // Les Femmes Of Farm To Table
Chefs couldn’t get creative in the kitchen without the hard work of farmers and the food they produce. MidWeek joins the Hawaii Food & Wine...

Chad Pata
Newsmakers // In The Swim
Ben Komer turned mom Lori’s summer swim school into a year-round, full-time operation, teaching Islanders of all ages Most people go to college to find...

Chad Pata
MidWeek Cover Story // The Ties That Bind
Pacific Century Fellows is looking for another group of successful young men and women to improve their leadership, expand their perspective and help solve community...

Chad Pata
Newsmakers // TACA Is There For Families Of Autism
Discovering your child is autistic can be traumatic, but a support group offers advice dealing with a variety of issues unique to this disease Each...

Chad Pata
MidWeek Cover Story // Medical Care For Those Who Need It
Aloha Medical Mission has been saving and changing lives for 30 years, both abroad and in Hawaii with a free dental clinic at Palama Settlement....

Chad Pata
Newsmakers // Hawaii Boy Scouts Soar As Eagles
We often think of the Boy Scouts in the sepia tones we reserve for drive-in movies and tail fins on a Cadillac. But while the...

Chad Pata
Feature Story // Just Pickin’ and Grinnin’
When you think of bluegrass music, you invariably picture pine-tree-covered mountains in the background behind denim overall-attired folks with gaps in their teeth and a...

Chad Pata
MidWeek Cover Story // Bringing State Government Up to Speed
Sonny Bhagowalia, the state’s new chief information officer, is changing the way government works and how it thinks about itself, and even more, how government...

Chad Pata
MidWeek Cover Story // Definitely Not Old School
It’s all about the kids for state schools superintendent Kathryn Matayoshi, whose philosophy is ‘Don’t make excuses and figure out a way to make it...

Chad Pata
Windward Oahu Coverstory // Handbell Choir Shares Peace Songs At Paliku
Hakuoh University Handbell Choir is back on Oahu for the 22nd year of its Goodwill Tour, and its students are bringing their “instrument of peace”...

Chad Pata
MidWeek Cover Story // Giving More Than Money
American Savings Bank CEO Richard Wacker and his employees donate money to Child & Family Service, but go beyond that by serving as tutors and...

Chad Pata
Newsmakers // An Unlikely Leader In The AIDS Fight
Paul Groesbeck wasn’t what the Life Foundation was looking for 20 years ago – for starters, he’s straight – but he was exactly the right...

Chad Pata
MidWeek Cover Story // Cathy Style
Photography By Justin Dotson Her roots could not be more blue collar – her dad was a police officer, and her first job was cleaning...

Chad Pata
Newsmakers // Using The Law To Assist Immigrants
Mark Twain once remarked, “History doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme,” and this sentiment can be seen most plainly in our treatment of immigrants...

Chad Pata
Newsmakers // Reinventing The Taxi Business
EcoCab uses hybrid cars, hires its drivers, trains them in customer service and provides tablets in the backseat. It’s a new way to ride It...

Chad Pata
Feature Story // Winning One For Ben
Playing to honor their late coach Ben Naki, a Honolulu softball team wins the over-50 world softball title When men pass the age of 50,...

Chad Pata
Newsmakers // The Autism Whisperer
When Helene Mann’s daughter was born with severe cerebral palsy, she learned to communicate non-verbally with children Take a moment to picture every redhead you...

Chad Pata
MidWeek Cover Story // How Cost-Efficient is Your Home?
The 56th annual Parade of Homes sponsored by the Building Industry Association this year focuses on shopping for a home like you shop for a...

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