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To spend an afternoon with members of The Garden Club of Honolulu is many things: entertaining, enlightening, eye-opening and, to be completely honest, a bit of a whirlwind. Conversations about...


  • Island Matters // Curtis Tsuzaki: A Man On A Mission
  • Click Chick // Charging Gadgets With JUICIES Cables
  • Proof Positive // Fighting For Each Breath Of Air
  • Good Neighbors // Christy Davis
  • The Wild Side // Hanapa‘a One Fish Hook With Tako
  • Misfit Spirit // A Hand In Understanding Mudras
  • Mystery Shopper // Robert Hoxie Wins A $150 Spree At Foodland
  • Tannya’s Take // Getting Fed Up With Restaurant Keiki Menus
  • Pet Friends Forever // Say Hello To TUX!
  • A Mindful Moment // Focus On The Details
  • Applause // A Brief Encounter On Makani Kai Air
  • What's Next // Fashion Police
  • Proof Positive // Saying NO MORE To Sexual Assault
  • Good Neighbors // Jarrett & Marc Cutter
  • Tannya’s Take // Inspirational Life Lessons For Keiki
    To Save The Sexually Exploited
    Jessica Munoz first became aware of young girls in Hawaii being sex trafficked in her work as an ER nurse. Appalled, she’s now working to build a facility where they...

    Heart-y Chef // Like Fresh Summer Rolls? It’s A Wrap
    Tung Chau and Hong K. Cao, owners of Ba-Le Sandwich Shop and Bakery in Kailua, have worked very hard to make their business a success. They came here from Vietnam...

    Vino Sense // The Silly Side Of Serious Sommeliers
    Cooking Hawaiian Style // Talking All Things Taro With Papa Tottori
    Circus Jam In The Park
    As the sun starts to set Sundays in Waikiki, an eclectic group of performers gathers to do all manner of circusy activities. it’s really ‘exercise in disguise’ On Sunday evenings...

    What’s your best parenting advice?

  • Keeping Score // Tennis Player Swings Back At Arthritis
  • Currents // Keeping It Clean And Pristine
  • Keeping Score // Passas All About Positive Reinforcement
  • Currents // Time To Celebrate The Hawaiian Canoe
  • On the Move // Getting A Jump On Landing Safely
  • Art & Stage // Glorious Dream Visions
  • Uncle Tom's Gabbin // Rihanna, Arashi and more celebrity news
  • Art & Stage // A Tale Of Twins Separated
  • Hot Ticket // Monkey Kingdom
  • Doctor in the House // Fixing ‘Broken Brains’
  • Column // A Newsy Sampling Of Dis And Dots
  • Letters // Letters to the editor – 4/29/15
    Style // CHAI Studio
    Oriana Filiaci: CHAI Studio ‘Lily' jumpsuit in polka dot $112, Jaipur Jewelry ‘Moti' gold-dipped sterling silver hoop earrings $220, CHAI Studio ‘Handloomed Dhurrie' overnighter bag with leather straps in red $150
    Since opening in 2008, CHAI Studio at Ward Warehouse has become one of Hawaii’s premier lifestyle boutiques for the Bohemian spirit. Located at Ward Warehouse...

    Style // Canyon Beachwear
    Entrepreneurs // Jewelry Designer Is Living Her Dream
    When jewelry designer Joy Graham talks about her work, there is something distinctly dreamlike about it. Almost literally, sometimes: “I keep a notepad by my...

    Thinking Smart // What Is Your Personality Type?
    Roundtable // Oka’s Celebrates 50 Years
    Movers // Business Leaders on the Move in Hawaii – 4/29/15
    Coffee Break // An International Tale Of Three Jerrys
    After my first year-anda-half as a POW in North Vietnam, I was taken to the prison commander’s office one day and very unceremoniously handed a...

    Mostly Politics // Gimme Shelter — Or Better, A Home
    Just Thoughts // Who Should Pay For Poor Decisions?
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