Putting Our Name Into Practice

By Richard Parry
President & CEO of Aloha Petroleum

When Aloha Petroleum’s forefathers first opened filling stations in the early 1900s, they likely didn’t expect the company to become the largest fuel distributor, marketer and convenience store operator in Hawaii. Serving customers at nearly 100 stations on Oahu, Maui, Kauai and Hawaii Island, Aloha Petroleum employs more than 520 local residents.


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Richard Parry

The name Aloha signifies a promise to our customers and employees. Our vision is to have “Great people working together, with aloha, to create an extraordinary company.” Our employees bring the “Spirit of Aloha” to their work every day.

We know consumers have many alternatives to our stations and stores. We believe that what sets us apart – and remains the key to our future success – is our people. Our goal is to remain an employer of choice, and we are constantly working on ways to be worthy once an employee comes to work for us.

Part of finding the right hire is making clear what the job is and then supporting employees with training. We’ve focused on enriching our training programs in safety, customer service, task training, and supervisory and leadership training. We believe strongly in fostering leadership potential throughout the company and in promoting from within.

We keep employees engaged through fair rewards, incentives and benefits.

We believe Aloha can only exist where good communication takes place. We have committed to examining how we communicate with each other in daily interactions throughout the company in an ongoing process by which we are making all employees aware of our mission, vision, core values and cultural style.

We want employees who will stand up and do and say the right thing. If they are willing to do that then we want to ensure that we in turn develop their technical, management and leadership skills.

Most businesses ask themselves how they can improve their services. We feel it is equally important to ask ourselves how we can improve when it comes to our people. Whether through added benefits, finding new ways to say thank you, improved communication or additional training, our mission is to practice the real meaning of our Aloha brand among ourselves. As long as we can accomplish that, then the future for Aloha Petroleum will always be full of possibilities.