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May 31, 2023 WEST OAHU VOICE 5
Our Purification system is the ULTIMATE all NATURAL Water SOFTENER!
  Concerned about the safety and quality of your municipal water?
Introducing the newly branded and upgraded AquaRev Whole Home Water Purification and Softening system - the ultimate solution for clean, healthy water!
Locally founded on the dream of a more sustainable Hawaii and planet, we offer the only NSF Certified hydrodynamic cavitation system of it’s kind!
                Our advanced system features new upgraded filters that effectively reduce: VOCs, PFAS, Chlorine, Iron, lead, Chemical Taste and Odor.
Experience the benefits:
􏰀 better tasting hydration,
􏰀 softer healthier skin and hair,
􏰀 reduced water spots
􏰀 reduced scaling in appliances and plumbing 􏰀 happier lawns and gardens.
 Jelena D.
AquaRevTM Homeowner | Waipahu, Hawaii
JELENA HAPPILY RECOMMENDS THE AquaRevTM PRODUCTS HOME DEVICE. We like the water system very much. Taking a shower is a joy, no more slippery feeling but when I dry off and my skin feels clean and smooth. Also, I notice there are less water spots on our dishes and in the sink, and my windshield glass looks a lot cleaner. Our grass and plants look greener and healthier, like you said, which makes us very happy. I happily recommend this system to anyone looking to improve their wellbeing Thanks, Keith for answering my questions so quickly.
Calling all Oahu residents affected by Red Hill and those who value their family’s well-being. Don’t miss out on our exclusive offer through June 30th! 12 month 0% financing available.
 AquaRev Water by
“Naturally Purified Water for the People and the Planet.
Call Rama today to schedule a telephone consultation.
808-628-0208 |
$300 OFF + Gift
   Enjoy $300 off the complete system, regularly priced at $2995. Say goodbye to impurities and hello to peace of mind.

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