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4 MIDWEEK MAY 31, 2023
          What movie do you quote the most?
      NMay Day! May Day!
o, I don’t mean Lei Day. I mean what pilots say in the movies before they bail out. That’s how I feel during the month of May. While December may
be the costliest month in my failing budget, May is a close second due to several factors. It starts with Children’s Day, May 5, which is also Cinco De Mayo.
Our 26-year-old daughter whom we still celebrate on Girl’s Day also wants us to celebrate her on Children’s Day. My wife will shower her with little trinkets of fun stuff like make-up, hair ribbons and Japanese mochi and candy treats. Because it’s Cinco De Mayo, I will bring home her favorite
Video producer, Waimānalo
“Casablanca. Specifically, ‘I’m shocked, shocked, to find that gambling is going on in here.’”
Insurance representative, ‘Aiea
“I quote Miss Congeniality the most because you know what? April 25 is the perfect date. And no one can tell me otherwise.”
Contractor, ‘Aiea
“Nacho Libre. My favorite quote is ‘Get that corn outta my face!’ Usually when people try to hand me something at work or at home, I’ll say that line and hit it out of their hand.”
Ultrasound tech, Waipahu
“I love quoting Mean Girls ‘cause you can’t sit with us.”
Mexican food items.
And since our daughter (and her co-member and fellow
schoolteacher) have taken over Hālau Hula O Kana Kapeka from their now retired kumu, Dana Henderson, the first two weeks in May are all about the May Day performance at their school, which they are in charge of, and their annual performance at Center Stage, Ala Moana. They recruit my wife as stage mother and costume coordinator. Our house looks like the Merrie Monarch Festival exploded all over it. There are flowers, ti leaf, haku lei, skirts, papales and feath- ers throughout the house. And I have to front the money to purchase all this stuff, which admittedly is well worth it and eventually reimbursed.
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          WFinding Myself
hen I was growing up, well-meaning adults often said, “Just be yourself, Alice.” Yet, I found myself puzzled about what that
 truly meant. Adding to the confusion, it felt as though my family, friends and even society, despite telling me to be myself, had their own set of expectations of who that “self” should be. The constant input from others, all too eager to tell me who I was supposed to be, added to the noise. I got lost in it for a long time, as these external voices subtly nudged me into roles that didn’t quite fit.
  It took me a while to get to where I am today, and I now wonder if it would be better to advise our children to “discover yourself” instead? Would that make a difference?
        But my checking account total is now rivaled by my spare change jar for which one has more money. That’s when Moth- er’s Day appears and I suddenly have a nervous breakdown. While technically this is a day for our children to celebrate their mother, every married man in America knows that doesn’t fly.
So, in the days leading up to the second Sunday in May, I’m scrambling for ideas on what to get my wife. She hon- estly doesn’t want us to spend a lot on her if anything at all, and she really deserves to be honored every day of the year.
With my overdraft bordering on DEFCON 4, I was now faced with our daughter’s birthday on May 20. She definite- ly has me wrapped around her finger so I’ve actually been putting money aside for her birthday gift.
She’s been wanting a pair of Nike Dunk Lows in varsity green. I’ve searched locally for months but no one has them. I even went online, but the only ones available for women are in size 11 and up. My daughter is a 6.5. I finally found the right size on a shoe bidding site. I got into a bidding war but finally won out and got a non-refundable new pair for about the cost of a Tesla.
When my email confirmation came through, it showed I purchased a size 6.5 but in youth size! Maybe I can resell them and pay off her college loan for her birthday.

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