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            Note To Self
How are you spending Thanksgiving this year?
I read a lot of self-help books. It started when I was about 10 and lived on Machinato military base in Okinawa. I spent my money at the base bookstore. I bought books
    on how to develop your ESP (extra sensory perception) and cool stuff like that. My favorite book was Your Hidden Pow- ers by Michael Phillips. It was touted as “the book that can help you become the person you were meant to be. Discover your own potential — and learn how to use it!”
I guess it’s synchronicity that 50 years later my column is next to Hawai‘i’s self-help expert, Alice Inoue. Besides reading her latest book, which is a collection of her best A Mindful Moment columns, I’m reading Tony Robbins’ recent book, Life Force. Plus, I have various phone apps that have tips and hacks on how to improve yourself. Believe me, when it comes to improving myself, there aren’t enough resources to cover my numerous flaws.
Digital and Creative Marketing Specialist, Honolulu “Relaxing at home, watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade and enjoying a turkey dinner from Aloha Beer Co.”
Community Manager, Honolulu
“We’ll be serving up a dim sum Thanksgiving. Instead of a turkey, we’re making a Peking duck and having a station for everyone to make their own dumplings.”
City Bus Operator, ‘Aiea
“I will be spending my Thanksgiving with family and loved ones.”
News and Weather Anchor, Kaka‘ako
“I will be spending Thanksgiving at work. I have great co-workers that will join me for a Thanksgiving meal, courtesy of management.”
One tip that I recently latched on to was to make a daily list of things you need to get done. As you complete each task, you cross it off your list. There is satisfaction in doing that, and I took to this method immediately. Now, I make daily lists to keep me on track. I keep a notepad on my desk and will jot down an item or two to remind me of important tasks or information.
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          WThe Holidays Are Here
ho will you choose to share your “rela- tional energy” with this year? A good practice is to clarify for yourself who
 you will check in on, and who you will spend time with and why.
 Our needs have changed over the past few years so reevaluate your values and choose rather than go along with your habitual norms of the past. Different people activate different parts of us in various ways, depending on the established dynamic.
 With whom will you get the support, laughter, understanding and belonging that you need? With whom will you offer your time and energy to others for an even exchange of energy? Doing things out of obligation is an irretrievable drain of our precious life force.
        At the end of the day, I’ll see what I’ve crossed off and then fold the slip of paper up and put it in my pocket as a re- minder that it’s incomplete. I do have some issues, however, that makes this method challenging. For one, I can’t read my own handwriting. Another is I use random abbreviations, so it takes a cryptographer to decipher what I wrote.
Then, there is just plain old stupidity. Like, I’ll jot down a phone number but no reference name. I have to call the number to find out who it is. The other week, I wanted to get my hair cut. I go to this Vietnamese barber named Ky (pronounced “key”). I met him when he used to work at Thom’s Barber Shop at Ala Moana Center. Since then, he opened his own place in Kalihi off of Vineyard Boulevard. And he still charges me less than $20 — plus I get some of my hair products from him like hair gel, which I actually needed more of. So, on my notepad I wrote “Ky gel.”
I went through my day crossing off each task but didn’t get to complete everything. I folded the paper and shoved it in my pocket. A few days later, my wife was doing the laundry when I heard her calling me to come to the laundry machines in our garage. She held up my paper and said, “Ron, why the heck do you have a note for K-Y Jelly?” I later decided to cancel my appointment with Ky. No sense get one haircut as my wife totally “bolo-headed” me.

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