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Born in Chicago but raised in Mā‘ili, Ginai was taught by her mother at an early age to put in an honest day’s work and to embrace her diverse ethnic heritage of Hawaiian, African American, Native American, Scottish, Irish and French. But the greatest emphasis was placed on the importance of living by the Golden Rule.
muddy and dirty and having my hair be a sweaty mess.”
Beyond her obvious love for animals and desire to shelter them, the singer re- mains committed to blessing the lives of people as well. In the last decade, she’s not only served as a foster parent to her sister’s daughters and a cousin’s five children, but also as guardian of an elderly man from the Valley Isle.
just broke out into tears,” she recounts. “When I inquired about him, the staff said that he needed a guardian, some- one to take charge of him be- cause he gets bounced around a lot by care homes, and that there’s a little bit of dementia also going on.
 “My mother always brought us up with the les- son of giving, of doing unto those as you would have done unto you,” she recalls. “We watched our mother help ev- eryone, from friends to family to complete strangers, so we had an example set for us ear- ly in our lives.”
Once Yamazaki was on O‘ahu, Ginai found a place for him at a care home. Then, to form bonds between him and her ‘ohana (she has a son from her current marriage and two daughters from a previous union), she’d pick him up on a regular basis so that he could participate in family activities.
Ginai performed more than 20 shows at Blue Note Hawai‘i between 2017 and 2019.
In explaining how she first crossed paths with Izuo Yamazaki, Ginai recalls per- forming with Willie K at Maui Memorial Medical Center a few years back and noticing an emotionally distraught man crouched in the corner of the hospital.
“So, I volunteered to take guardianship of him.”
 “I saw him from across the room and I could feel his sad- ness. He requested a song and Willie played it, and this man
“We’d take him to my son’s baseball practices, and we’ d SEE PAGE 20
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