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Aircraft Quality
• See-through polycarbon panels
• Block 100% of UV rays and 75% of heat
• Corrosion resistant Aluminum frames
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Must mention ad. Offer expires 12/6/22
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                          MOTORIZED RETRACTABLE PERGOLA
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• Aluminum Framework
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• Residential or Commercial
                                     Have you ever wished you were two places at the same time? Well, Kaliua’s Donna Lynn Rodriguez has a solution for that. Her biz, B Everywhere Errands, offers an array of ser- vices for those who can never seem to check off all the items on their to-do list — or, really, for anyone who just needs that extra pair of helping hands.
by Ginger Keller
Kailua Resident Wants To Make Business Personal
 “Our relationships with our clients are personal relation- ships. We get to know them and it’s a personal service. A lot of people say, ‘it’s not per- sonal, it’s just business,’ but this is what makes us different from everybody else.
           The company specializes in packages, but has a la carte options, too. Services run the gamut from mundane errands and transporting pets to orga- nizing homes/offices and tak- ing cars in to be serviced.
Donna Lynn Rodriguez
“We lead with integri- ty and we want to make the best decisions for our client no matter what,” she adds. “That has a lot to do with our communication with them. We don’t take the initiative to make decisions for our client; we cater to their needs, wants and desires. It’s all about them and it’s not at all about us.”
“We help people remember important dates throughout the year,” says Rodriguez. “They give us a list of dates and say, ‘My mom’s birthday isonFeb.2,Iwanttomake sure I send her something. She’s on the mainland.’ We make sure she gets a gift with a card or send something out even if it’s just a simple ‘hap- py birthday.’
guez explains how her demo- graphic shifted to employee benefit services — meaning, employers foot the bill for their hardworking staffers.
Rodriguez has a lot of faith in her biz, and it’s not just be- cause she’s the owner. A busy bee herself, she utilizes her own services, confirming that the proof is in the pudding.
“Our desire is to help peo- ple, and people are having a harder time nowadays just being able to get it done,” she says. “In order to help more people, we figured we can tap into that market of employers wanting to show their em- ployees they care — espe- cially during COVID.
“I will always remember the first time that I used my own service: I was at home and I was doing laundry, and I had sent somebody out to do my grocery shopping,” she says. “The next thing I knew, my laundry was done and my groceries were at my door.”
           “We have these services to just to help people save time,” she adds.
“The employees were starting to just up and leave because they feel like they’re just another number and that their employers don’t care about them. So, this is really unique way for employers to be able to keep their current staff and attract other quali- fied candidates. It is a thing — people are leaving com- panies in large volumes, and showing that you care and offer these types of benefits means a lot to them.”
The El Paso, Texas, native got the idea for her business when her grandfather was in hospice care.
For Rodriguez, the best part of being an entrepreneur is the freedom to conduct business in the way she thinks is best.
“When we were at home taking care of him, for some reason I ended up being the one who was going out and getting groceries and mak- ing sure there were (items in the house) because so many people were coming over to visit,” she recalls. “I saw there was a need out there for some- thing like that and that was my inspiration — the desire to get to know someone and learn what their needs are.”
Rodriguez emphasizes the importance of trust and communication in her line of work, since she often deals with some of the most delicate parts of people’s lives.
“Being able to have Chris- tian values in the organiza- tion is what’s most important to me because, without that, there’s no way we would be where we are,” she says. “I know a lot of people say to leave religion out of it ... but I can’t do that. To be able to have God lead us through all of this is the best business ap- proach I could ever have.”
Since the pandemic, Rodri-
“Our mission is to keep business personal,” she says.
For more information, check out beverywhereer-

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