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            Shelf Life
What’s your favorite Halloween movie?
    Acouple of years ago, I got into it with my wife be- cause she threw out some food I was saving in the refrigerator. I was thinking about that two-day leftover at work and contemplated eating it with dinner until I found out she tossed it. I made such a big stink that my wife threw up her hands and said from then on, I would be in charge of clearing out the fridge of old, spoiled, moldy, expired food and drink. Fine, I had zero problem with that.
That was then, and this is now. These days, clearing out the refrigerator on garbage day is like the worst episode of Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares. You think I’m exaggerating, but my wife is bent on teaching me a lesson. Honey, if you’re reading this, I concede.
Sales Representative, ‘Aiea
“Hocus Pocus because it’s an absolute classic.”
Marketing Coordinator, Kāne‘ohe
“Halloweentown because it’s nostalgic, fun and I love the decor and costumes.”
Videographer, Makiki
“A suspense and psychological thriller like Alice in Borderland or Squid Games.”
Content Creator, Honolulu
“The Nightmare Before Christmas because it’s a nice medium of spooky festivity and getting you excited for the upcoming holiday season.”
Of course, our entire family uses the fridge so my wife won’t let it get too bad. But several weeks ago, she was under the weather so her surreptitious cleaning went by the wayside.
When I finally got around to it, clearing out the fridge was like visiting a haunted house on Halloween, with all kinds of scary stuff waiting to jump out and give you a heart attack. In this case, a heartburn and nausea attack.
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Director of Content / Supplement Products
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          No, You’re Not Incomplete
I f you are the type to get down on yourself for all the things you intended to complete, but didn’t, here are two balancing perspectives.
  First, whenever you judge yourself for not doing the things you think you should have done, you are con- veniently forgetting that you actually did exactly what you needed to with the time you had. Second, it helps to consider the law of polarity. It states that there is an opposite for everything in this world, and that both polarities cannot be separated and exist simultaneously.
 In the same way that two sides of a coin make up the whole, and one side can’t exist without the other, so it is with your completions and incompletions. Let that sink in. Yes, it’s impossible to get it all done.
     Let’s start with the top shelf. While not mine, there are a billion half-drunk bottles of water. I don’t understand why my wife and daughter cannot completely drink a bottle of water before opening a new one.
   On the same shelf are partially sampled bottles of dif- ferent types of salad dressing. They look good on the store shelf, but when used on a salad, they don’t measure up. It stays on the shelf because they don’t feel right throwing out a perfectly good bottle of salad dressing. Then, I usually end up using it so as not to waste food. We’re all pretty good about that as there are people who have to go without. That’s why I’m a stickler about eating leftovers.
We have a door bin that’s filled with leftover packets of fast-food condiments. It’s ridiculous. The other week, Taco Bell called and asked if we would return some of their pack- ets of hot sauce, as they were out due to shipping delays.
Our refrigerator door is kind of like a wine rack. On it, we store bottles of things that complement our food, like vin- tage bottles of Worcestershire sauce and Mrs. Butterworth’s syrup. I even saw a rare bottle of Sriracha sauce, which is currently in short supply.
As far as leftover food goes, you will rarely find the fol- lowing items: pizza and Chinese food. Those usually get consumed in their entirety at the dinner table. Once I found a paper plate that had either a slab of smoked meat or a slice of chocolate pound cake. I guess either way, I win.

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