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 24 MIDWEEK OCTOBER 12, 2022
   Chomping On A Fusion Fave
         If you remember the popular Shark Pit Food Truck in Lahaina, and were disappointed when it closed, here’s a bit of great news: Former Maui resident and Shark Pit owner Chris Mahon is serving up some of his famous dishes on the Ninth Island.
hon to the restaurant. He de- scribes his former food truck not as Asian fusion, but rather “Asian confusion,” because he often takes risks in his cu- linary creations by bringing all types of foods together.
and the most ever for a three- month period (June-August). Speaking of record num- bers, a local hot spot has set its own record. The Golden Tiki, just minutes from the Strip, holds the world record for the largest mai tai! But don’t expect it to be served on your Hawaiian Airlines flight back home, as this delicious cocktail takes 30 minutes to build. When completed, it weighs a mind-boggling 900 pounds! If you watched our recent episode that highlighted Brewery Row and are now craving craft beer, head to the Downtown Brewfest on Oct. 22. If you’re more of a
foodie, there are a few food festivals coming up as well. The Las Vegas Pizza Festi- val is set for Nov. 12, and the first-ever Lumpia Festival will be held at Craig Ranch on Dec. 10-11.
Catch Sebastian and Ninth Island Connection at 7 p.m. Wednesdays on K5 and 2 p.m. Sundays on KGMB.
    Mahon is the executive chef at the ever-popular Arts District restaurant Taverna Costera, which is known as much for hosting artists and entertainment as it is for its menu of unique fusion favor- ites.
“Back on Maui, I was definitely known for my loco moco, and I brought that rec- ipe in (to Taverna Costera),” Mahon shares. “I just put all my love into it. My gravy is perfected over 25 years.”
Taverna Costera’s menu includes
the perfected loco moco (above), one of the many dishes offered by (right) owner Jeff Hwang, at left, and executive chef Chris Mahon. PHOTO COURTESY KRISTINE RODRIGUEZ
  This focus on fusion and ability to get creative with the menu is what drew Ma-
And perfected it he has! I was fortunate enough to try this Maui-grown loco moco and it is one of the best I’ve ever had (and I’ve had a lot!). Next time you’re on the Ninth Island, add Taverna Costera
to your list. (You can see more of Chef Chris and Tav- erna Costera on this week’s episode of Ninth Island Con- nection.)
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