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What’s your favorite zoo animal?
    IRon Nagasawa is on vacation. This column originally ran Jan. 9, 2013.
t’s been great having our 23-year-old son home for the holidays. His 15-year-old sister, his Nana and, of course, his mom have been elated.
I love having our family reunited, which is the highlight of my year. We do practically everything together, whether it is roaming around the city, eating out or just staying at home.
Photographer and Videographer, Honolulu
“The two-toed sloth because it represents how
I feel most days: lazy, chill, and not wanting to do anything but relax, take naps, hang out and eat.”
Reservations and Events Manager, Waipahu
“The giraffe. They are peaceful creatures and are the tallest mammals in the world.”
Physical Therapist, Honolulu
“Elephants are my favorite zoo animals because not only are they the largest land mammals, but they’re also extremely intelligent, loyal and play a crucial role in the ecosystem.”
Engineer, Honolulu
“Red pandas because they’re cute and always chilling.”
Everyone seems to fall back into their comfortable old habits, the main one being to make fun of Dad.
On the weekend before he left to go back to the main- land, our son, his sister and mother were gathered on the living room couch watching some kind of talk show on television. I was in an adjacent room and could somewhat make out what they were talking about. Unbeknownst to me, the show they were watching was discussing “man- scaping.”
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          Do It Without
Iwant to share something with you that I recently started doing. Whenever I think of someone and feel an “uplifting impulse,” I reach out to them immediately. Whether it’s a text to check in or an email to praise their work, I now act while I’m in the moment. Why? Because it’s so easy to put it off and lose the opportunity to do something spontaneously positive.
  If I think, “I’ll do it later when I’m free,” I forget. The only actions that count are the ones that you ac- tually do. If you like this, and make it a point to take action in the moment, you not only make someone’s day brighter, but you benefit by feeling good about what you did.
    In case you don’t know, that is a pop culture term for male personal grooming below the belt. Anyway, I could hear them laughing and I thought the subject was about landscaping.
    Wanting to be in on the family discussion, I decided to share recent experiences of my own hard work, working on our yard — landscaping. I burst into the room and said, “Hey, I just got finished doing that myself. I raked up all the rubbish and manicured the edges of the front area.”
The three of them looked at me and then burst into un- controllable laughter.
Puzzled, I continued, “And I trimmed the bush around the mailbox.”
My son and my wife fell into each other’s arms hyster- ical. My daughter looked at me with her jaw dropped and said, “That’s disgusting!”
When I finally realized the subject was manscaping, I slinked out of the room.
Good thing, because I was just about to brag about what a good job I did with the weed wacker.

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