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16 MIDWEEK AUGUST 24, 2022
     Dear Darah,
In 2015, a friend gave my email ad- dress to Kyle Metcalf. Kyle, he said, sends out daily rock ’ n’ roll trivia questions. No obligations and no prizes — it’s just for fun. I love rock ’n’ roll so I joined, and it was a blast! On occasion, Kyle would include a poem or two he’d written with the day’s trivia question. Our hum- ble rock ’ n’ roll trivia group slowly morphed into a poetry, prose and short story group. Those of us who had the cour- age to do so started writing our own material.
Since the initial email, Kyle and I have become dear
friends. He is a very accom- plished waterman. He surfs every day and is a former lifeguard. In addition to all his rock ’ n’ roll knowledge, he is an encyclopedia of surf history. (You can learn more about his love of all things surfing at
meet him on the beach, he’ ll toss out a surf trivia ques- tion, and if you get it correct (and sometimes even if you don’t), he’ll give you one of his locally famous Hawai‘i’s Own Surf Coin. He has been designing and “minting” a unique coin every year for the past five years. If you need a surf lesson, he gives those out for free, too. Pre-COVID, he would gather a group of ac- quaintances on Tuesdays and organize a movie outing.
’n’ roll trivia blog which is how I met my friend, Mark. I found out he coached a special youth soccer group in Mānoa. He also invited us to a large charity fundraiser dinner for Meals on Wheels where I learned that not only did he support Meals on Wheels financially, but he also delivered meals. He ran a franchise business that supported and encour- aged young, sometimes im- migrant entrepreneurs, to start their own businesses. His enthusiasm and con- viction to life make him a perfect team leader.
machine and made cus- tom shaved ice for anyone who came by. I know that I have only touched the sur- face of his influences in our community. I count him as an unseen mentor and life guide.
Kyle spends his days sim- ply trying to make people happy. It starts with his ve- hicle. He drives around in an SUV whose hood is adorned with dozens of action figures and cartoon characters. Each toy glued onto the hood plum- mets the car’s market value; each also skyrockets the car’s intrinsic smile-producing val- ue. If you’re lucky enough to
Kyle Metcalf enjoys surfing and doling out rock ’n’ roll trivia to all he meets. PHOTO COURTESY MARK PENNINGTON
I love how much recip- rocated gratitude you and Kyle show for one another. It’s a friendship filled with respect and inspiration. Metcalf humbly replies, “I started my own daily rock
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Former Lifeguard Shares Aloha, Trivia
  Kyle Metcalf may never change the world with his quirky ways, but he certainly will make his little corner of it a much happier place to live.
Dear Mark,
Mark Pennington Mānoa
Give by example.
Robyn Ah Mow
Rainbow Wahine Volleyball Head Coach
“On Halloween, instead of giving out candy to kids in the neighborhood, he wrangled a shaved ice
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“Aloha to my friend, Mark Pennington.”

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