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4 MIDWEEK JULY 13, 2022
            Phone Spam
What’s your favorite holiday?
    I am a huge proponent of no hands-on mobile phone use while driving. The first thing I told my daughter when she got her driver’s license was there would be no texting
or talking on her mobile phone while driving. Any instance, and I mean any, and she would lose her license, period.
These days that doesn’t seem to be an issue, as many newer cars are equipped with hands-free everything for your mobile phone. Unfortunately, I still see people on the road talking on their hand-held phone or texting at stoplights.
EMT, Honolulu
“Halloween because of costumes and candy. Enough said.”
Community College Instructor, Honolulu
“Lā Ho‘iho‘i Ea (Sovereignty Restoration Day). We celebrate the rightful return of the sovereign government to Hawai‘i by the United Kingdom.”
Student, Waipahu “Christmas. It is the holiday that gives us the chance
to spend quality time with family, bringing us closer together and be able to give back to others.”
Photographer, Pearl City
“Thanksgiving because
it’s the official start to the holiday season. The day usually consists of great food, football and planning for Black Friday shopping.”
We all know it only takes one unfortunate mishap to change your life. Same goes for drunk or “buzzed” driving. I have to say, I’ve really noticed a lot of people being mindful of that and engage the use of a designated driver or ride shar- ing services. And lately, I’ve been seeing commercials about distracted driving.
I have to confess that I do drink coffee while driving and have an occasional snack or sandwich, but never when I’m driving in a residential area or in a city block with traffic stops. I only partake in the practice if I’m moving on the freeway.
The other morning I decided to provide a local-style break- fast — a platter of Spam musubi from Zippy’s — for my staff. I threw this breakfast of champions on the passenger seat next to me and as I entered the freeway to get to work, I started to sip my coffee. If you’ve ever had a Spam musubi from Zippy’s, you know that the urge to eat one is strong. It almost flies into your hand like Thor’s hammer. Well, the next thing I knew I was biting into one of these savory offerings. I alternated it with hits of hot coffee and my life was feeling pretty darn good. There weren’t many cars on the road so I was cruising.
 Ron Nagasawa
Director of Content / Supplement Products
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Regional Editor
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          P Don’t Wobble
eople have been sharing with me that they often suffer from feelings of guilt. Not the “I broke the law” kind of feeling guilty,
 but the niggling kind that is subtly present when we think we should be doing something else. For example, while doing housework, you feel guilty about not doing office work. Or, you order take- out and feel guilty about not cooking at home.
 Here’s a Zen proverb I love: “When walking, just walk. When running, just run. Above all, don’t wobble.”
 In other words, do what you are doing fully. Own your actions to help diminish the guilt. Be there for yourself 100%. You wouldn’t do what you are doing if there wasn’t some advantage.
        That’s when in the distance I saw a motorcycle cop point- ing a speed radar gun at me. I was not speeding, I never do. That’s because I drive a German sports car, albeit 15 years old, but it’s still a cop magnet.
I saw him wave at me to pull over. Great, just when I was having a nice peaceful morning with my coffee and Spam musubi. I rolled down my window as he walked up, confident that I couldn’t possibly have been speeding.
He politely asked to see my driver’s license and I asked what I did wrong. He said, “Were you talking on your cell phone while driving?” I wasn’t, but then realized he must have mistaken the Spam musubi for a mobile phone!
I said no and he politely asked me to show him my call history on my phone. I was too embarrassed to say what I was actually doing, but he said OK and I could be on my way. I caught a lucky break.
Good thing because I had already eaten the evidence.

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