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      Book Pick Of The Week
I rarely read contemporary romance comedies, but I gave The Hating Game by Sally Thorne a shot because I
want to watch the movie of the same name starring Lucy Hale. The novel came out in 2016, and was made into a
full-length film in 2021 — so on both fronts, I’m late to the game. The book focuses on Lucy Hutton and Joshua
Templeman, who work at a publishing company. They’re rivals at work and are both up for a promotion, which
gets complicated when the hate turns to attraction. The narrative was catchy (very easy to finish in one
sitting), but overall the story was a cookie-cutter romance novel. However, I
know a ton of people who like predictability in their romance books and romantic comedies, and if that’s you, you might enjoy The Hating Game.
More up my alley is the political crime thriller
While Justice Sleeps by Stacey Abrams. The author
served as a Georgia state representative from 2007
to 2017, and she has got a real knack for fiction
writing. (Check out her Faraday series, which she
writes under the pen name Selena Montgomery.)
While Justice Sleeps touches on elements close to
Abrams’ heart, including politics, law, the court and voting. The book
follows Avery Keene, a law clerk working for a well-known justice who is the swing vote on a number of important cases. The judge falls into a coma and leaves power
of attorney with Avery, who discovers that her boss was researching an important biotech case and conspiracy that could change the landscape. During this journey, she must find out if his coma was due to natural causes or something more sinister.
     by Nicole Monton
( You’d think that after years of doing this, I’d get used to the flow: grow, chop, repeat. However, I still battle with “should I” or “shouldn’t I” when the time arises. That’s why it took me a bit longer to schedule my appointment with my aunty, who co- owns Shear Genius Salon in Waimalu. She’s chopped my footlong hair more than a handful of times for me to donate, and I went to visit her on my way home from work one evening. It had been years since I sat in a hydraulic chair, and I was nervous. She tied up my hair, measured out the length and added a couple of inches to make sure the donation was adequate — my hair is usual-
Finally Chopped: ‘Hair’ We Go Again
courage you to give it a go. It’s important to note that one should check guide- lines and criteria of the cho- sen nonprofit before cutting your hair. Depending on the organization, you’ ll donate anywhere from 10 to 12 inches of hair. Furthermore, individual nonprofits might or might not accept permed, colored or gray/white hair. Locks of Love, for example, will take gray or white hair, but instead of using those strands to make wigs, they’re sold to offset manufactur- ing costs. And that’s good news for me because there are more than a handful of visible white hairs that now pepper my black strands.
       A fter two years, I have finally cut my hair. It’s a drastic change because I lopped off about 12 inches, and though I’m still mourning the loss of my long locks, I feel a little better knowing my hair is go- ing to a good cause. You see, I follow the same cycle: I grow my hair out until it’s at least a foot long and then chop it off to donate to organizations that use my tresses to make wigs for those going through medical hair loss (usually cancer-related treatments or
ly layered, which means the strands taper at the end of my ponytail. As soon as that first slice was made, there was no going back. Once she cut through the bulk, I literally felt a weight being lifted from my shoulders.
autoimmune disorders). Popular nonprofits include Wigs For Kids (wigsforkids. org) and Locks of Love (lock-, though there are a handful of also less- er-known programs like Hair We Share ( and Children with Hair Loss
Hair in hand (well, in a bag), I trekked home to show my husband my new haircut. And, because he is a good spouse, he gushed about how much he loved my new ’ do. He grabbed the bag of hair and was surprised by its weight (those with long hair know just how heavy it can get, es- pecially when wet or in a bun/ ponytail), and even helped me mail my donation and paper- work to my chosen nonprofit.
If this is something you’ d like to try, I’d more than en-
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