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,  For INspiration’s 25th Anniversary
we’d like to personally thank
every single one of our amazing customers who have trusted in our guidance throughout the years My father Thomas Sorensen founded INspiration Interiors 25 years ago when I I was 5
years old It has been an absolute pleasure to experience INspiration become a a a staple household name throughout all of Hawaii My husband Kimber Shaw and I have been working full-time with the company now for four years and we could not be more passionate about the future of INspiration I am am extremely proud that our family company has been able to provide Hawaii with this unique vision that we have cultivated throughout the years However this vision would not have been possible without all our valued customers We would like to to thank
you all from the bottom of our hearts and we promise to to continue to to serve Hawaii now and into the future!
Thomas Sorensen & Julia Sorensen Shaw MahaloHawaii Come Celebrate with H uge S avings at all three showrooms

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