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          What’s one of your goals in 2022?
      I Stick The Landing
n case some of you are interested, the progress on my surgical recovery is going quite well. I have relatively little pain and I’m trying to build up my breathing ca-
pacity. It’s kind of weird to be out of breath for moves that require little to no exertion. My goal for 2022 is to become a better version of my current self.
I also seem to have one other issue, and I’m not sure if it is because of post-surgery or because I’m entering the kūpuna zone. It’s probably the latter, as these days wherever I go, I seem to be everyone’s “uncle.” What’s happening is I seem to have lost my sense of balance and spatial judgment. For instance, last week I bought lunch for my staff. It was from a place that specialized in lobster rolls and such. As it wasn’t quite the new year, I went all out and got an order of “loaded” fries topped with lobster and a buttery, creamy sauce. Some foreshadowing: I also wore a pair of white pants.
Engineer, Honolulu
“To run a marathon.”
Graphic Designer, ‘Aiea
“To spend my free time away from InDesign and more time illustrating.”
Digital Communications Account Coordinator, Mililani
“To be better at budgeting.”
Attorney, Honolulu
“To exercise for at least 30 minutes, three days a week.”
I was eating and unknowingly my plate was half on and half off my desk. I drove my fork into the part of the plate that was half off and catapulted the contents onto my lap, lobster and sauce side down. I admit that I scraped every- thing back into the plate so I could shamelessly eat it, but it left a pretty unsightly stain on my crotch. Needless to say, I avoided everyone for the rest of the day.
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         Perfecting Exit Strategies
 For the last two years, we wanted more social interaction. Now that it’s happening, it makes me chuckle when people say, “I’m getting stuck socializing and not getting things done. How do I get my time back?”
  If you’re feeling this, build an exit strategy into every future interaction by saying something like, “I have an appointment in an hour, so this will be a quick visit,” conveying that you don’t have lingering time. Also, people like reasons, even if it’s none of their business. So say, “I need to say goodbye now, as I have a very early morning.” Or, “I’m not drinking because it inter- acts with my medication.”
 Socializing is great — all you need to do is solidify your go-to exit strategies to make it perfect.
        On another day, my daughter wanted to go to a discount store with her mother and brother. I needed to get some automotive supplies so I jumped in with them. After she parked, I said I would walk over to the auto supply store. My concerned wife, bless her heart, was wary and suggested someone go with me.
I reminded them that I was a grown man and perfectly capable of going by myself. I purchased a gallon of anti- freeze and some stuff to detail my car. As I walked back to the car, I had to negotiate a slight incline and a curb fronting some parked vehicles. When I reached the top, I lost my footing. Picture me in slow motion falling forward and with hands full, unable to brace myself. My left knee and my hand holding the jug of antifreeze dove right into the asphalt. My right shoulder crashed into the front grill of the vehicle in the parking space fronting my fall. It was a black Cadillac Escalade. When I stood up, I looked over the hood and saw a woman in the driver seat along with a bunch of kids.
I shouted, “I’m OK, sorry about that!” Seeing that I was not dead, she joked, “Eh, I hope you neva dent my car, ah!” I laughed and as I walked to our car saw my wife and kids coming back. My hand and knee were covered in blood. See- ing this my wife exclaimed, “Look kids, it’s a grown man!”

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