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 22 MIDWEEK JANUARY 12, 2022
       RELEASE DATE—Sunday, January 9, 2022 RELEASE DATE—Sunday, January 9, 2022
Are miscommunications on the rise? Are folks confused or just not listening? Prepare to reaffirm your point of view more often now. Soon your message will get through.
It may be tempting to start to plan your finances for the new year at this point in time, but give your money a rest period where it just sits and waits. Capricorns may be prone to listening to false advice or misinterpreting the suggestions they are given. My advice is to wait and follow the marketplace. You will be in top form by the end of this month.
No matter how you try, you may find that your first impressions are not exactly what you expect. Aquarians may schmooze with many new people but may lose track of the more important ones as the weeks go on. Happily, even if you forget to reconnect, others may reach out to you. Keep your eyes and ears open for the possibilities.
Even if your innate intuition is a little off-kilter now, Pisces, you can still dis- cern some upcoming trends in your life. But don’t bother to take action until events settle down a bit and you can more clearly see the landscape ahead of you. Mellowness and relaxation may be interrupted but your ability to transcend the road bumps will be in top form.
Any social plan may misdirect over the next couple of weeks. Invitations may go to spam, phone calls might be missed or some other form of miscommunication can occur. The best advice I can give you, Aries, is to maintain flexibility and a good sense of humor as the fates deliver some surprises and maybe even an unexpected jolly time.
No matter where you think your career is going, it may hit a bit of a detour now, Taurus. That means that any hard work you are undertaking will need to be closely monitored to be sure it doesn’t go off track or credit given to someone else. Go with the flow and hold your best moves until the end of the month. Until then, chill.
Travel plans may go awry but that doesn’t mean that you have to sit around and get bored. Geminis are clever and creative and can find many ways
to enliven and expand their lives without a lot of small itinerary details to track. The best remedy for travel mix-ups is to find calm and easy ways to enjoy life. I know you have a bunch of great ideas.
Your best romantic moves may miss the mark this week, Cancer. But that doesn’t mean that you should stop trying to connect and spread your
love. Listen to the clues. Follow the moves and see where your best efforts produce the best results. Before you know it you will be setting sail on the Love Boat, headed for parts unknown.
You may feel that you have needs that are not quite being met by partners. But find careful and clear ways of expressing yourself now, Leo. Others may not be listening closely or may be focused on something else. Miscommu- nication can occur. Patience and care will get you exactly who and what you want — especially patience.
Any detailed project may become a little unfocused or off track. Be super careful about the directions you follow and the instructions you receive, Virgo. You are a hard worker and take pride in your good efforts. Don’t worry about any long-term impacts for delays or missteps. You regain your footing soon. In the meantime, take a rest.
Even fun will have its less-than-fun moments now, Libra. But that doesn’t mean that you should forgo anything creative, festive or jolly. What it means is that you need to focus on the details so everything goes just right and everyone is in on the fun. And, sometimes, a little uncertainty or miscom- munication can add to the excitement?
Family gatherings come with their fair share of confusion and discussion. That can ramp up to a greater level now, Scorpio. But you are up for anything the fates deliver and can make opposing sides see their commonality. Whether you want it or not, you become the diplomat of the hour. SAGITTARIUS (NOVEMBER23-DECEMBER22) Your honesty and candor shine through, Sagittarius. But check what you
are about to say before you say it. Not only could you accidentally misdirect people, but you could also reveal something that might need to be kept secret a little longer. Mulling things over, contemplating the results and not sharing them with others will benefit you (and others) now.
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Los Angeles Times Sunday Crossword Puzzle Los Angeles Times Sunday Crossword Puzzle
 Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Nichols Lewis Answers are in the classifieds Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Nichols Lewis
74 Did
102 Modesto Nuts’
8 Part of a flight
44 Started eating 83 Texter’s “No
74 Did
75 Base opposite
102 Modesto Nuts’ baseball level,
8 Part of a flight 9 Purplish shade
44 Started eating 83 Texter’s “No 45 Hwy., e.g. way!”
75 Base opposite 76 Cable station for
baseball level, historically
9 Purplish shade 10 Target of Indy’s
45 Hwy., e.g. way!” 46 Clay became 86 Lurched
76 Cable station for 45 yrs.
105 Tackle neighbor
10 Target of Indy’s quest
46 Clay became 86 Lurched
him 87 Donation to the
45 yrs.
77 “Shape of You”
105 Tackle neighbor 106 Giants manager
11 He-Man nemesis
him 87 Donation to the 47 Worries too poor
77 “Shape of You” Grammy winner
106 Giants manager Kapler
11 He-Man nemesis 12 Relaxing bubble 12 Relaxing bubble
47 Worries too poor much (over) 88 Corruption much (over) 88 Corruption
1 Band with horns 1 Band with horns
Grammy winner 80 Moderate, with
107 Orc, to an Elf
bath, say bath, say
13 Food service 13 Food service
48 Evokes a “TMI,” metaphor 48 Evokes a “TMI,” metaphor
8 Some fits 8 Some fits
80 Moderate, with “up”
107 Orc, to an Elf 108 JFK’s 109
say 90 Disappointing say 90 Disappointing
14 “Or perhaps 14 “Or perhaps
82 Religion of
108 JFK’s 109 112 Name of six
giant giant
49 Strikes (out) social outing 49 Strikes (out) social outing
less” less”
82 Religion of Mecca
112 Name of six popes
14 Pub pick 14 Pub pick
51 “Moonlight” 93 In a watchful way 51 “Moonlight” 93 In a watchful way actress Harris 94 Head to sea actress Harris 94 Head to sea
20 Goona 20 Goona rampage
84 Some Kias
114 Traffic cone color
15 Campaign 15 Campaign
rampage 21 November
84 Some Kias 85 Gadot of
114 Traffic cone color in Quincy, Minot,
funders funders
53 TV forensics 96 Sandal style 53 TV forensics 96 Sandal style
21 November pardon recipient
85 Gadot of “Wonder
in Quincy, Minot, Bentonville and
16 Online harassers 16 Online harassers
letters 98 Audibly shocked letters 98 Audibly shocked
pardon recipient 22 End of a
“Wonder Woman”
Bentonville and Bloomington?
17 Worked to 17 Worked to
56 Easy as __ 99 Less tactful 56 Easy as __ 99 Less tactful
22 End of a sentence
Woman” 86 What can
Bloomington? 117 Supply
perfect perfect
57 Maine coastal 100 “Cheers” 57 Maine coastal 100 “Cheers” park waitress
sentence 23 Tournament
86 What can capture Santa
117 Supply
118 Big Easy cuisine
18 Big name in 18 Big name in
park waitress
60 Feminist film- 101 Big name in 60 Feminist film- 101 Big name in
23 Tournament pairings in
capture Santa Barbara, Grand
118 Big Easy cuisine 119 Coffeehouse job
metal metal
pairings in Fort Wayne,
Barbara, Grand Forks and
119 Coffeehouse job 120 Implored
19 Itsy-bitsy 19 Itsy-bitsy
criticism subject transmission criticism subject transmission
Fort Wayne, Denver and
Forks and Boise?
120 Implored 121 Patronizing
24 Food label fig. 24 Food label fig.
62 __-horse town repair 62 __-horse town repair
Denver and Kennebunkport?
89 Journalist Curry
words, maybe 122 Mountain wind
32 Greek-style 32 Greek-style
Kennebunkport? 25 Without delay
90 Cry hard 90 Cry hard
122 Mountain wind
yogurt brand yogurt brand
67 Office PC linkup making tool 68 Invites over 103 Welcoming 68 Invites over 103 Welcoming
25 Without delay 26 Personnel
91 Pasta order 91 Pasta order
33 Old wizard 33 Old wizard 34 Small tablet
69 Summer garland 69 Summer garland
26 Personnel groups
92 Shoe part 92 Shoe part
quencher 104 Bring shame to quencher 104 Bring shame to
27 A 20-sided one
93 Route-finding 93 Route-finding
1 NFL analyst 1 NFL analyst Collinsworth Collinsworth
34 Small tablet 35 First name in 35 First name in
71 Kenyan’s 107 FDR’s Scottie 71 Kenyan’s 107 FDR’s Scottie neighbor 109 Not duped by neighbor 109 Not duped by
27 A 20-sided one may be used
app app
mystery mystery
may be used in Dungeons &
94 Writer Bombeck 94 Writer Bombeck
2 Track 2 Track
36 Trusted 36 Trusted
73 “I see” reactions 110 New __ 73 “I see” reactions 110 New __
in Dungeons & Dragons
95 Contractor’s no. 95 Contractor’s no.
3 Atahualpa, e.g. 3 Atahualpa, e.g.
37 Hermione 37 Hermione
77 Important period 111 Migratory seabird 77 Important period 111 Migratory seabird
28 Bit of Lab love
97 Power-washing 97 Power-washing
4 Lara of “Tomb 4 Lara of “Tomb Raider” games
Granger Granger portrayer
78 Caesar salad 113 Quiet go-ahead 78 Caesar salad 113 Quiet go-ahead dressing 115 One looking for dressing 115 One looking for
28 Bit of Lab love 30 Pericles foe
meas. meas.
Raider” games 5 Try to achieve
30 Pericles foe
31 Hot Wheels item
98 Olympiads in 98 Olympiads in
5 Try to achieve 6 Homers, in
portrayer 39 Browsing 39 Browsing
ingredient ingredient
a buck? a buck?
31 Hot Wheels item
Little Rock, Little Rock,
6 Homers, in
blueprint blueprint
33 Regular 33 Regular
Fresno and Fresno and
baseball lingo baseball lingo
42 Campus org. 42 Campus org.
79 Tie word 79 Tie word
116 Food service 116 Food service
observance observance
Dover? Dover?
7 Gambling initials 7 Gambling initials
81 Gator’s tail? 81 Gator’s tail?
trade org. trade org.
in Bangor, in Bangor,
Boise? Journalist Curry
121 Patronizing words, maybe
29 “Seinfeld” doofus 29 “Seinfeld” doofus
63 Riders, e.g. 102 Apple pie- 63 Riders, e.g. 102 Apple pie- 67 Office PC linkup making tool
    St. Louis, St. Louis,
Providence and Providence and
Mobile? Mobile?
35 Grandpa 35 Grandpa
Simpson Simpson
38 Cheering noise 38 Cheering noise
39 Fill up 39 Fill up
40 They may have 40 They may have
41 They may be 41 They may be
uncut uncut
43 __ Díaz de 43 __ Díaz de
Vivar (El Cid) Vivar (El Cid)
46 Reddit Q&A 46 Reddit Q&A
sessions sessions
47 Bagel topping 47 Bagel topping
50 Bread spread 50 Bread spread
in Montgomery, in Montgomery,
anadndFFaargrgoo?? 5252SShohwoweeddththee
wwayay 5353“M“Murudreder,r,SShhee
5 45 4 F Fo r o mr ma l a t l o t op p p pe er r 555SScrcerenenwwritreiter r
JaJmameses 5656FFrornotnstsddiviivdidee
thtehmem 5858CClelaevaeve
5959HHiltioltnonrivriaval l 6161AAncniceinent tDDeeaadd SSeaeakikninggddoomm
6464FFararlelsessfrfieriennddlyly 6565“A“AWWrinrinklkeleinin
TiTmime”e”ddireirectcotor r
DDuVuVerenrnaayy 666TaTbalbelwewaarereinin
BBosotsotnon, ,SSoouuthth BBenedn,d,BBaatotonn RRouoguegeaanndd BBisimsmaracrkc?k?
7070OOldlddrdaraftftoorgrg. . 7272AAmmazaoznon’s’sesectcotor r
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